Introducing @sportsvoter | Earn SPORTS for Delegating Steem Power

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#sportstalk has a new tool available in our burning arsenal. We are happy to introduce @sportsvoter. Using convert your SPORTS into an upvote from the @sportsvoter account.

How do I I receive an upvote?

It's as simple as sending SPORTS to @sportsvoter with a memo transfer of the article you'd like to be upvoted. That being said the easiest place to see how many bids are currently in the running and what the recommended bid is at the moment you'll want to check out

Once you're on the website then click the Steem-Engine token to sort down to just the bots that accept SPORTS. From here you'll see important information like total bids, max suggested bid and next vote time. These will be useful in knowing when there's enough market space to place your bid.

How does the burning work?

Of the SPORTS that are sent to @sportsvoter there will be 95% burned from the market. This happens by transferring the tokens to the account @null as they become unclaimable here. The remaining 5% will be sent to @postpromoter for providing the Sports Voter system.

I Didn't Receive Any SPORTS From My @sportsvoter bid?

That's because @sportsvoter only votes with Steem Power. In fact the @sportsvoter account has been muted by @sportstalksocial account ensuring that any SPORTS delegated to @sportsvoter will not affect our distribution.

New Way To Earn SPORTS!

We want to make Sports Voter a prime way to reward users for burning SPORTS tokens. It not only nets them an upvote on the wider Steem ecosystem but also ties our community even closer to the Steem ecosystem. Unfortunately our current Steem Power only allows for burning about $1.90 of tokens each day. We'd love to see that number much higher!

That's why we are happy to announce a new program to incentivize delegation to @sportsvoter with an eventual portion of our inflation pool. This will allow up to 20% of the new SPORTS issued each day to be issued to accounts which delegate Steem Power to @sportsvoter. Until this is made into a way to issue new tokens we will be providing the rewards for this initiative from the @sportsprojects account. This means we have an immediate decrease in the SPORTS that are being issued.

To determine how many tokens get issued we need to look at how much Steem Power is being delegated to @sportsvoter in total. If there's less than 20,000 SP delegated then there will be 28800 tokens distributed. Once there is more than 50,000 SP delegated then the distribution increases to 57600 SPORTS. This continues on a tabled graph until the potential of 576,000 are issued daily.

Steem Power Delegated% of RewardsTokens Distributed
100,000 - 499,99910%288,000
500,000 - 999,99915%432,000

New tokens will be issued in daily batches and distributed by a delegator's percentage of the total share of tokens delegated. This would mean if someone had delegated 100,000 SP of a 1,000,000 total they would receive 10% of the 576,000 for roughly 57,600 SPORTS.

How can I delegate Steem Power to @sportsvoter?

There are a number of ways to delegate your Steem Power. Our favorite is by using the Steem Keychain tool to sign your transaction but there are a number of other ways you can do it too. Just make sure the account that you delegate to is @sportsvoter!

Thank you

We want to continue to say thank you to all of the community members supporting #sportstalk. We've had so many people step up to fill development needs, community needs and even design needs. What do you think of the new design @daltono set up for us? We love it and are thankful for all of our community members.


Great. Seems Sportsvoter have not been added in the steem-engine bots list.

Its active now. You may need to adjust the default vote value slider for us to show. I think sometimes it defaults to $5 upvote minimum.

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I just want to calculate well, how many sport token will I get if I delegate 30,000 sport.

none you have to use Steem

delegated 200k

I delegated 100k, too. :)

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Hey guys this bot only works with Steem Power and not SPORTS. It actually pays out SPORTS for Steem delegations.

That is what I found after testing the bot!
Thanks for letting me know.

nice.... sportstalk to the moooon, is doing well on the market place too for sure ;)

That is awesome!

How much SPORTS token I can get daily if i delegate 400 SP? At least give me a tentative figure!

Thank you...stem on and stay blissful....

I think the closest delegator last night would be @b00m. He has 500 SP delegated and was sent 1401.39 SPORTS on the first day. This will continue paying out daily though the numbers will change as new delegators enter the system.

Sportsvoter just downvoted my original sports content video that many on Sportstalk support. I can not support this post or any post if you support what sportsvoter is doing.

I really like the many ways you guys are coming with new methods of burning Sports.

I think this @sportsvoter method will be the best because almost all people would love to promote their posts!!!

Kudos to the sports team for this great work!

Awesome! I'm glad to see the token burning projects are starting to pick up, we have a real problem with people just trying to earn and dump for steem so this is a great way to give them what they want but still improve the value of the token. I'm almost on 50k sports and I'm going to keep stackng, the rest of you can sell or burn but that ain't for me!

Proper stuff! Keep up the good work Yall!

question: why is the account delegating to actifits.rewards?

and the whole thing starts today I assume?

That is part of our partnership with @actifit. Yeah everything is ready today.

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This is an incredible way of burning Sports.. This project is surely going to moon

I definitely like the idea of burning 95% of the tokens sent to @sportsvoter! That is a fresh concept, indeed! I will be one of the delegators soon after undelegating SP from other accounts need a few days to do that. Hope many people will delegate!

Brilliant....Sent over some SP :)

This is becoming one of my favorite projects on Steem for sure!

Thank you for the support @jongolson! Happy to have you a part of it.

Sports Tokens really need some serious burning. Burn baby burn!!

That's great!
Now people can earn SPORTS Token by delegating SP to sportsvoter and at the same, get upvote on posts sending SPORTS Token to sportsvoter.

Well done @daltano I really love the design and @sportsvoter is excellent. Congrats, best wishes and thanks again to all the team :-)

sportsvoter is gone no more Sports stakes

I Started Boosting Service

You should include your discord link in every post.

Looking good guys keep it up!

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Just to be clear - some comments confuse me - we delegate STEEM Power, not Sportspower right?

yes. you need to pay in sports and get payout in sports though but for delegation you have to use steem. The bot is voting in steem as well

hello today i delegate 100 Steem power to sportsvoter now how much SPORTS token I can get daily???????