Switching account for actifit - Welcome Back !

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Hello everyone !

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When I created this account in December 2020, it was to curate sport content and create few posts in sports communities.

There is still a little problem with that. As I started Actifit with my main account @ykretz, I most of my "sports" post were still on my main account.

I had really few things to share on that alt account. So I was really discouraged to connect on it and to upvote content. That's why I totally stopped to upvote content. Except few days.

Now, on my main account I totally stopped my actifit posts because I don't want to flood my other content with that. This is not the goal of my account. So I took some time to think about it and I finally chose to switch my actifit content on this account.

Ok, I'll have to restart from 0. I should be able to send my AFIT token but everything is will be lost. But at least on this profile, actifit content has his place to be.


This will help me in many ways.

  • First of all, obviously that would bring me few rewards, even if I know that this will be far away from me rewards of my main account.

The rewards I'm aiming the most are Hive and Sports for sure !

  • This will give me a reason more to post on that account !

This is the most difficult part of it, especially during this period when sports in group is impossible, and I would even don't have any money to subscribe to a sports class, I don't find reasons to post with this account. The last time I made it it was for a sports movie, and it was difficult to post it here because I knew that my rewards would be way smaller that on my main account where I often post Movie related content.

  • This will make me connect to the account more often So I'll restart curation !!

I have 1M sports power ! That's not huge but I have a 250 Sports upvote weight. So I have 1250 daily sports to give, and the same amount to receive, and I'm loosing if since weeks..
Now I'm thinking of it, this is around 10 cents a day. So I missed at least $2-3 now.

  • As I like to do quality content. I will not do my everyday actifit post, even if I have nothing to say and make it with two lines.

Even with my main account I already tried to do something clean, with pictures and most of time something of at lest few hundreds of words. I'll continue that. Ans I hope to do something better.

I'm inspired by creators like @browery ans his Fatass journal for exemple. I can't understand it because I can't even write this alphabet but I can see there is quality, images and text, the post really looks good !


I'm starting this new start with a little Sports pewerup !

As I said, I did not had huge rewards so I only have 13k to power up :/


That makes me reaching 194 000 sports on this account, plus 870k delegated from @ykretz.

That's it for that post and I hope to start posting Actifit content pretty soon !


You can join me on :
The microbloging platform and get rewarded with BCH
On :
Rewarding your posts with tips in BCH too.
Also on :
That rewards both readers and authors with ETH and ERC-20 tokens
Share your unused bandwidth and get paid for that with Honey gain


Thank you for mentioning, I am happy that some people are inspired by my posts.

can't understand it because I can't even write this alphabet

LOL, so you force me to make dual language text.

I think that I will come back to this form in June when next edition of #POLIAC league will start. BTW I invite you to join to league this time, you will see that competition is very funny and inspiring too.

Aha, I don't force you 😅 Do what you want :')

What is the point of #poliac league ?

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