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in #spslast year

Hi everyone ppl felt the need to black list me for self voting to build a token to drop to evertone that would use those self votes to buy assets to back the tokens getting airdropped but that doesnt matter even though all the curation trials self vote q long trail so i will be making my own mmassive curation trail that will get me all the votes i need and then some as we will be ustilissing AI to write thousalnds per week hellow few hundred dollar day s to thousalnds wehn we post on other chains like steem were going to farm them like crazy gret trx. plus these types of sites are commmone non liek hive i like but commmon to get moeny so copy paste then tra nsalate and traslate to audio. Add pictures to art from DALL-E hundres as well and i bet the statistics make me at lest a grand a day