Multi Player 2D Arcade Game To Win More STEEM! (

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This is a proposal that is being submitted to the Steem Proposal System (SPS). You can see the proposals on

Game Play

Players are matched up against other real players from around the world in two player and four player matches to 10 kills. You won't ever be playing against a computer which makes the game more fair because it is a game of skill against fellow community members.

Sample Video Of Game Play


In both the two player games and four player games the winner gets 90% of the proceeds and the 10% game fee is split between development and the referring account. 6% going to development and the remaining 4% going to the referral accounts.


The referral bonus can get quite lucrative because it is 4% of the pot every time that player plays the game. This will aid the game in going viral not only on this blockchain but across the crypto currency space in general. The 4% goes to development for non referred accounts.


With dice games or card games there is an element of chance. Steem Galaxy is a game of skill which positions you against other real world players from around the globe. To improve your chances it is best to play on a computer with a fast connection. Playing on a mobile device makes it harder to control.

Steem Galaxy will be simple yet addictive because you can challenge other Steemians and keep taking the pot of digital treasure!



Steemians fly their Steem Ship and blow up their competitors in a race to 10 Kills. When 10 Kills are reached the funds are sent to the winner.

Threat of Bots

It would be extremely unlikely a bot could be programmed that could defeat human Steemians because the movements would be fairly unpredictable especially in a situation where there are 4 players. Yes I know there are advanced AIs that have done really good at games like Counter Strike and I saw a crazy robot playing table tennis against a really good human player. If someone goes to that amount of trouble I guess the game was successful. 🤣

Example: 4 Steemians enter a 10 STEEM Match. 40 STEEM Total is in the pot. The first player to 10 Kills gets 36 STEEM. Each referring account gets 0.4 STEEM for a total referral payout of 1.6 STEEM and the development fund gets 2.4 STEEM. (Even the referring accounts of the players who didn't win are getting a payout to keep incentivizing them to promote it to more Steemians!)

Point of Progress

I started originally working on the game for EOS but then switched over to working on it for STEEM because since STEEM already was a social platform games could go viral much quicker with a good referral program. The website was put up as a place holder but wasn't finished because there were a lot of other things to do first. Then I went to California and the STEEM Proposal System was in the works so I figured I would just wait for this day to come to get funding to complete the project.

I will have to utilize the help of other developers to take this the distance which is another reason why I stopped. It made more sense at the time for me to use my personal funds to take bigger positions in the crypto market instead of spending too much money on development when prices were sinking.


I have been in the crypto space since 2013 and on STEEM since July of 2016. I have a Computer Information Systems degree from Purdue University, have worked for Fortune 500 companies, and also the University of Arizona. I was also a technical mentor at the EOS Hackathons in Sydney Australia (2018), Africa (2018 online), and San Francisco (2018).

Hopefully you will consider this proposal which will add additional engagement to the STEEM ecosystem! Thank you!


Supported! well done man!

For me it is an excellent project. I know you since more than 2 years ago and I know you deserve som recognizement here.
I hope your proposal will be implemented.

Yeah we will see how it goes. I think it will be an interesting experiment for this type of game and could lead to much more advanced games using this structure in the future as well.

I updated the post with a short video sample of the game play.

have you tried @drugwars lately? I think it can be a good example in order to learn about.

several months ago I tried it and it was very interesting. I haven't been on there lately though.

Thank you for your Support!

Wow, you have put a lot of work into this idea, it sounds a very cool way to earn Steem. Good luck!

Yeah quite a bit and it is a good head start instead of just a conceptual idea. Hopefully people see value in a product like this! Eventually there could be an entire Virtual Arcade where people could play multiple games hopefully.

I think we should first focus on improving the core ecosystem and afterwards on marketing (where I would categorize your idea :) )

When you say the core ecosystem do you mean the interface or the economics behind how STEEM works?

Steemit ist just one Frontend of the Steem Blockchain. Steempeak is already worlds better.

I mean the blockchain/ ecosystem behind the Frontends. :)


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Thanks for checking out the proposal! I had eluded to this to a couple people but it has been hiding in the shadows. LOL


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Thanks for checking out the Proposal!

Great proposal

Are referrals paid to incentivize joining the game or on-boarding new blockchain accounts or both?

For right now I would focus on just an incentive to join the game. I think on-boarding new accounts is important for sure and that would be a future goal.

That seems realistic.

Hopefully through my YouTube channel I can get some of these dormant Steemians to come back as well. I feel like right now the education curve of on boarding a new user and getting them to a point where they have liquid Steem to play the game and understand what Steem Connect or Steem Keychain is kind of a big step for now.

Also I added a short video of the game play to the proposal post!

Do you have any discord that we could join?

I haven't set up an individual Discord but I have been hanging around SteemDevs, SteemPeak, Steem Speak and Steem Engine rooms.

For this to have value I think we will need more users to join STEEM. How will you bring external people into the blockchain with the game and increase user activity?

The game itself looks good as we had one called steemgar for a while that was great to play and had games every 30 minutes. Really fun way to pass the time and win STEEM so the potential is there.

Thanks for checking out the proposal!

At first I wouldn't focus on trying to on-board people from outside the current STEEM ecosystem. Getting it listed on could catch some eyes and also there are a lot of dormant STEEM accounts out there. With my YouTube account I have decent engagement and talking about it on there could bring some users back in to play.

The reason I wouldn't focus immediately on trying to on-board people from outside is because there are over 1 Million accounts and there is a certain amount of work that goes in to educating users how this ecosystem works and them having an account with a little bit of liquid funds to play the game.

What made you guys stop the Steemgar game?

I'd play that game. Looks fun.

Steemgar was stopped for a few reasons. There were people cheating. The prize pool had been sponsored by a whale when the prices were high and the server costs covered. It was been ran by one person who wasn't able to keep up with all of the costs and work load as the prices dropped so it was put on pause. It might come back as pay to play in the future but paused for now.

I appreciate the answer and I understand the reasons for not trying to go too big too soon. The one thing I would say is that I would highly recommend having a revenue model built into the game to cover your costs going forward as I have seen lots of projects fail from not earning any external revenue or just relying on STEEM price to fund their ideas. It's not sustainable with current prices and involves selling STEEM which also doesn't help the projects. Whether it's advertising, buying accounts or having a market for different ships, weapons, upgrades ect... There will need to be dollars coming in to be sustainable.

I'll be following your progress eagerly as the game is exactly what you need for here. Simple but fun. I can see it being very addictive if set up properly.

I get what you are saying about having multiple revenue streams. The prices and lack of funding is one of the reasons why I haven't made more progress on the project before now. It is tough if you feel like all the work is going towards nothing.

I like the idea of having a market for different ships and weapons....etc. I could certainly see if a large set of games became popular and it was more like a virtual arcade that the traffic generated could lead to advertising revenue / sponsorships.

I have thought about the viability of this type of funding system in relation to the SPS and the game itself. I think that if the majority of the funds end up staying in the system by paying other Steemians to help with development and marketing that can be positive and if there are tons of activities and entertainment for Steemians to stick around and participate in this economy it could make the SEO funnel bigger and bigger to where the advertising revenue of Steemit and some of the other associated websites / apps could support themselves without selling tons of STEEM. But that is a long term macro level thing.

Otherwise it can become this thing where people are always chasing the carrot but if the tide is going out too fast the funds dry up and everything turns into somewhat of a ghost town.

I just added a short video of the game play to the proposal post.

Very interesting...

Thanks for checking out the proposal!

Voted for this! :)

Thanks for the support man! I think it is going to be hard for any proposal to get enough to get over the minimum threshold but we will see.

Holy cow is that you Doppelganger, Brian lol :)

Hahha, are you referring to the picture of me and @dantheman ? I feel like the over head lighting made both of us look bad. Hahahha

I think I'll try, it could be fun!!

Thanks for checking out the proposal!

Nice project!

Thanks for checking it out!

Good luck with proposal! :-)

Thanks man! We will see how it goes and how this new funding system helps the ecosystem.

Not bad! I've been working on several game projects on STEEM and I say the more the merrier! You have my support.

Well making a bot that would destroy all humans for this game would be super simple and easy.
But we will have to see