Thank You Splinterlands - 5 Years

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Time Flies

In these 5 years I've:

  • Learned about Crypto
  • Made many friends
  • Witnessed people make more money than they could've ever imagined
  • Participated in a platform that started from an idea and blossomed into a fully integrated ecosystem
  • And most importantly, I've had fun

Thank You

My parents raised me to always say "please" and "thank you". Sometimes I forget this lesson. I noticed others do as well.

I know the Devs of Splinterlands spend a significant amount of their life into making our game amazing. Both @yabapmatt and @aggroed have done so all along.

For 5 years they have endured the ups and downs, and dealt with successes and failures in an honest and respectable way. They've not only communicated, they've listened to what we have to say. In short, they've demonstrated they care.

They care about success yes, but they also care about the people too. I've seen a lot in my life, and couldn't be happier with the "heart" of the organization.

We as a community don't realize how lucky we are. We forget where we've come from, and don't fully understand where we're going. Appreciation is lacking on many days by all of us, sometimes we are blinded by the salt in our eyes. However, I'm thrilled to be here and have this opportunity to make both money and friends, while at the same time having fun.

Many times I forget to say thanks, but this time I'm remembering.

Thank you Splinterlands for blazing a trail forward and letting us ride along

I'm sure you already know I would agree 100% on all points.
But also thank you! I never could have imagined when you gave me that first "Newbie Nickle" what I was getting myself into :)
Winning those first cards in the Newbie Games seemed such a small thing at the time. There was no game just some pretty images. What was set in motion that day has become a life altering journey.
It is not just me I have seen Splinterlands change lives for the better.
That is the true magic of Splinterlands.

Thank you yabapmatt and aggroed for creating the magic. Also thank you Dave for leaving breadcrumbs along the path for so many of us who followed along.

Headchange I'm so happy to be your teammate for all this time. We are more than a game, we are a community. There has indeed been magic created in Splinterlands, and a big part of that magic is it has brought some great souls together!

Thank you for always being there and I'm super happy I reached in my pocket and gave you that Newbie Nickel! :D

I'm excited to see what the next 5 years brings! :)

It really shows that you are a grateful soul, because you appreciate all what this platform as done for you......all thanks to thee Lord

I can agree with every word on this post, especially those five bullet points; amazing how time flies. See you on the battlefield! ;)

Yep, have had a lot of fun also 👍

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