Proposal #37: SteemConnect continued improvements

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This is a post for a SteemDAO proposal to fund steemconnect continued improvements and current expenses.



For the past few months we’ve been released steemconnect 3 and have done a lot of adjustments after that based on users feedback. Our initial plan was to add some fees on steemconnect API paid by users or / and dapps to finance the project, this is something we’ve announced on a previous post. Little bit after the post we received some funds from Steemit Inc. to sustain the project 6 months more so we decided to wait before introducing fees. 7 months after, we believe SteemDAO would be a perfect opportunity for us to finance the project and keep the service running free for users and dapps.


Funds will be spent to pay steemconnect expenses such: the servers, databases, log provider, SSL certificate and domain name. A minimum of 5 hours per week will be spent to improve steemconnect service and give real time support for users and dapps. Here is some improvements we are working on or plan to deliver:

  • Keep user posting key unlocked for quick 1 click login
  • Run a steemconnect API for the testnet
  • Make interface more friendly, improve naming
  • Add fallback mechanism if a node fail to answer
  • Ability to sign a custom message
  • Form to create a new account
  • Form to create a signing link
  • Create Firefox extension
  • And more, this list is not exhaustive


1 year


9,000 SBD
or 750 SBD per month

Approve the proposal #37

(On steemconnect)

You can check the proposal on:


steemconnect deserves full support

Are you still interested in doing the work of this proposal? You're only 3m away from the funding... I'd be interested in helping promote this but maybe another post showing renewed interest in doing some stuff. A lot has changed since September of last year so maybe something that says if you have any different plans. People haven't seen you post anything this year so maybe they think you're not actively developing or doing stuff on steem and steemconnect has had some issues recently.

So let me know if you do another post I'd really love to see some solid improvements to steemconnect so I'd love to help this proposal start getting funding.

I second this, I would help promote this proposal as well if you're still interested @fabien

Make interface more friendly, improve naming

I'd like to know what you plan to do to make steemconnect easy for the masses to use.
How are you gonna handle the mobile sector that isn't being handled by keychain for example.
If you can work on those issue then you have great value for the future of Steem and that makes the proposal worth it.

I will say our users are leaving steemconnect daily because they're very confused by it and it used to be the simplest system. So I'd love to know what you plan to do to make the experience very intuitive.

The last version was too disconnected compared to the previous one, introducing a lot of confusion.

It must become purified again for mass adoption with an advanced mode possibility (option, button) for those who want it, while remaining simple to integrate in third-party apps such as Auth0 .

To handle the mobile sector it's not a big work, steemconnect can already be used on it. Maybe it just lacks a password less management as mentioned in the post.

I second your last paragraph. Used to be very simple, now confusing.

How are you gonna handle the mobile sector that isn't being handled by keychain for example.

Right now the solution on mobile is to use steemconnect through the browser. Ideally steemconnect should have his own mobile app, it's not yet on top of our priority list but it may happen within the proposal period. If a contributor want to jump and make a PR to add Cordova webview i will be happy to review and go forward with it, i may create a bounty for it.

So I'd love to know what you plan to do to make the experience very intuitive.

Some of the changes we working on come from the feedback document you sent me thank you for that, here is some others things we plan to do to improve UX:

  • Make login to 3p app possible with 1 click posting key
  • Change some text on the website to make it more explicit
  • Display your username and avatar before login to 3p app or signing a tx
  • Make switching account easier
  • Ability to add private key(s) into existing imported account.
  • Add more tooltips
  • Add a F.A.Q.
  • And more based on users feedbacks

I think you need to review few processes too

Example: this morning when I voted your proposal by the process was 1 step too much.

Digression: I done by Steemproposals because I don't know why, but it was impossible to do on Steampeak, there was a spinner and nothing happened (Jarvie, if you see this, I'm not sure it was a Steampeak problem, but maybe more keychain).

For me the first step is useless especially since it is reappearing more complete at the third and last step

Screenshot from 20190918 205513.png

The process: I connect and confirm my action is more than enough ;)

ps: je renouvelle mon merci pour le travail effectué (ouai désolé en avais marre d'écrire en anglais en plus a un francophone Hahaha) et bonne idée a garder sous le coude pour Cordova :)

I really want to see your product succeed and get be a great option for new users

  • Really simple understandable wording.
  • Keep in mind: Some new users don't want to install an app, even though we know that's a nice thing to not put keys into a website... but a new user with ZERO money in their account and is just testing out steem doesn't want to do that. haha

So let me know if there's anyway I can help because I'd still like to see a non-app simple system for new users in particular because later this year and next year we plan to bring in LOTS of new users.

I will support this sps.

Thank you for your support!

SteemConnect has, in my opinion, contributed a lot to the development of Steem through its integration on the different frontends, so it would be normal for it to be financed via the SPS, especially since the demand is much more than reasonable.

Thank you for the great work and time you have already invested.

Thank you!

I support this proposal for funding. Steem connect has made my steem life worth living in so many ways. Thank you for your service!

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Great! I tried to vote, but both steemconnect and keychain produce error. it happened last time too, so i don't know what's the problem, but I'll try again later.

That's reasonable. voted

I will lent my support.

So what happens if this proposal doesn't get funded? Are you going to stop working on SteemConnect?
Are you saying you have no funding method presently?

If this proposal dont get funded i will not stop working on SteemConnect but i will probably introduce fee for dapp and/or users.

I've used SteemConnect (who hasn't?) and would like to support this proposal. However, can someone explain the difference between KeyChain and SteemConnect from a user perspective? Do they perform different functions, etc?

Seems like Steemconnect doesn't work anymore?

Tu as mon soutiens à 100%, par contre sur steempeak impossible de voter, j'ai été obligé de passer par, bonne continuation !

Sorry we're a little late to the voting... but seeing as this is an important feature for and all of STEEM we have voted it. Hope it goes well and gets funded and look forward to seeing the potential changes.