SteemPlus Proposal (SPS)

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Recently, I have lacked of time and resources to keep developing SteemPlus, but I believe that for lots of users in our ecosystem, this extension makes a difference and want to keep working on it.

This post aims to present a Steem proposal, with clear goals and guidelines, in order to fund the continuous development and maintenance of SteemPlus.

I will also propose some new features that will be great additions to SteemPlus and will benefit all.



6 months.

I was first considering making a proposal per project, but I don't want to spend more time advertising than developing. I am making a series of commitments (you can find them below), to assure that this funding will be used correctly.

Requested Amount

90 SBD/day (around 1,900 $/month at the current price)

Funding breakdown

Development costs

Most of this funding will be dedicated to cover the development of the new features and maintenance of the extension and its backend. SteemPlus backend is also used by some features of Steem Keychain so it is important to keep it going. At current SBD price and by taking a discount on my usual hourly rate, I will be able to work 10 hours per week on making SteemPlus better.
I will also get @cedricguillas on board, a great developer that did a lot for SteemPlus in the past.

Server Costs & Misc.

The remaining amount will be used to cover the server costs and occasionally hire Steemians for design work or bounties. Server costs aren't that high for now, but some of the feature ideas I have in mind will increase them.


  • I commit to keep all the code produced through this funding opensource.
  • I commit to post weekly on the progress made during the previous week. Posts should be easily readable and point to Github commits or pull requests.
  • I commit to burn (send to @null) part or all of the amount received during the week if I was unable to provide the amount of work promised.


HF 21/22 related features

  • Fix vote value popup
  • Highlight new proposals
  • Add a Create Proposal page, on which the user will be able to post the proposal description and automatically create the related proposal.
  • Add a voting / unvoting button on Steemit posts linked to proposals

Steem Engine integration

  • Show owned tokens (Steem Engine) balances on steemit / busy wallets
  • Calculate Account value including SE tokens

Semi Automatic Curation Tool

This is a tool that I've had in mind for a while and that will be extremely beneficial to the ecosystem.

It will work as a classic curation tool with one big exception:
you will remain in control of your votes and your keys.

So here's how it will work. You ll enter a list of authors, along with a vote weight, maximum number of posts per day and a desired timeout after the post is created.

When a post is created following your criteria, a discrete dialog will popup on the bottom right of your screen as in the example below :

You will have 10 seconds (TBD) to decide what to do, after what the post will be voted by default, with the voting weight you specified.

If you chose read, you ll have to manually decide whether to vote or not after reading the post. If you chose ignore, well, nothing happens.

This tool will be an answer to an old dilemma on the blockchain : voting at the right time or voting on the right posts?

Manual Curation Tool

A simple and fast curation tool using SteemSQL to filter and order posts :

  • Filter by feed (only show posts from users you are following)
  • Filter by date
  • Filter by tags
  • Filter by reputation
  • Filter by payout
  • Filter by votes
  • Filter by body length
  • Filter by comments
  • Sort by engagement
  • Sort by votes
  • Sort by payout
    And of course, I will take additional features requests from our community curators.

And more...

I m always listening to the community and will continuously work on improving SteemPlus users' Steem experience. Feel free to request features on our Discord or DM me directly.


I just arrived in Bangkok for SteemFest 4, if you have questions about SteemPlus or this proposal, or just want to share a beer, you'll know where to find me!

@stoodkev for @steem-plus

You can vote with :


That all sounds great, you got my vote for sure. Have fun at steemfest!👍


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Have fun in Bangkok. I am sorry I will not be there, but I expect to hear some cool news. I have supported your proposal as you have really enhanced the Steem experience.

Good report. thx

I have been using the extension for months and I like what you promise to develop. Thank you for all the work you have done so far. You have my vote.

Congratulations @steem-plus!
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