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I just realized that I have not written a post about Rebellion card pack pre-sale for Splinterlands. This is a potential issue for me, because I typically look at my personal blog for timeline on what I did, may weeks-months-years into the future. This is an easy way for me to refer to my personal action at important events of the history of this game.


Details of the pre-sale was described here many weeks back:

The pre-sale started on Wednesday, October 18th, at 2:00 PM ET and will continue for a month. If I remember correctly most of the pack sale on the pre-sale happen within the first 24 hours, which was widely expected, and after than it is trickling. There is a leaderboard and there are some prizes to top the leaderboard, so I think towards the end of the pre-sale window, the sale will pick up again as people will fight for the top spots. So I think the current ranking with nearly 20 days remaining means much.

So far I bought 6900 packs, it is unlikely I will be in top 6 spot with these, and not anything I am planning to anyways. The top 6 spots is only relevant because those folks can help design a summoner for the new set.

What else is going on?

It is a bit of a slow time for Splinterlands right now. The team went through a new round of restructuring. Land is delayed and this Rebellion set moved slightly earlier than expected because of revenue crunch. However, the good news is that the DAO is getting half of the revenue for the whole sale of the Rebellion set for a nominal price of $250K, which DAO has already recovered:


As of this writing 256,755 packs have been purchased; assuming average net pack price ~$3.0, the net revenue is $770,265. DAO's share is 1/2 of that or about $385,132.5. So DAO is already in profit and the company paid back the money, and also the most important part, everything beyond this point in time is windfall profit for the DAO. NO wonder 97% of the community voted YES for this proposal!

More SPS

I always feel like I do not have enough SPS. So today I went ahead and bought some, taking my total personal staked SPS above 8M. I need a few more millions.

As of right now this is the standing of staked SPS at the top.


Still the top holders are just around 1% holders, which is a very good distribution of staked SPS.


The Splinterlands


Those are big boy numbers jockeying for the podium on SPS holdings - great to see!

Someone got to do it. You guys not doing too bad yourself, stealth mode :)

No podcast for a while, what's up?

Sneaky, sneaky 😎

We've had a flurry of technical, scheduling and health issues the last few weeks. We're aiming to get back on track this week, next week at the latest.

Wow, you don't think 6900 will remain in the top6? I would love to see an Azircon summoner. Maybe I can help increase your total, I will be getting a signing bonus next week.for my new teaching job, so I hope I can access it before the end of the pre-sale window.

who knows duce, I can't predict the future :)

Where do you get that top SPS holders chart?

My first big milestone goal is to get to a million SPS. Still a ways away, but I’ll get there. Hopefully my carefully paid out land plans will help grow that as I’ve positioned well there I believe.

Goals sir. Congrats on the tasty new milestone. That stake is no joke.

it slowly adds up.

10M next for me.

Really hoping to make some major strides with a bunch of shard mines I’m going to set up immediately. That and collecting tasty taxes on my castle and keeps! 🤞

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If DEC do not go over the peg, then nobody is in profit.
Any idea how many DEC still lying with players, HE and pools?

By design now DEC can't go too much over peg. But people will need DEC for almost everything.

About 4.6 B DEC out there

8 Mill that's huge! Pushing towards that 1 mill goal I have myself as fast as possible. So far the sale seems to be going rather well. I think a lot better than many had expected and I have a good strong feeling for the future of this game again.

You stake is your voice.

so true and that goes for a lot in the hive world. More skin in the game

8 million SPS is a huge number. The more SPS we accumulate, it feels like having even more.

You stake is your voice. No stake, no voice.

Those are mind-boggling numbers 😁 congrats @tipu curate

This is a great bonus for the DAO. Do you know if it will they keep the holdings in DEC or switch some of it back to the 250k$ stable coin they had before for diversification?

That's cool
I think there are twenty or nineteen days left for the pee sale of the rebellion card
We must use it well, lol

Wow, 8 million SPS, that number is incredible and it's even funny when you comment that you need a few million more, by the way, still being loose in position 4 of Rebellion, much closer to position 2 than position 6, at least make big purchases in the last days of the pre-sale, you are already in, greetings

Big boys are really holding huge SPS amount holding