Splinterlands News Update 28th December 2019

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Hi Everyone,

This is @marianaemilia reporting for the @contestkings community.

Splinterlands have a fantastic community of people who not only play daily but are also involved body and soul producing content and narrating their experiences.

We begin here with our friend @ahmadmanga as he recalls past video games he enjoyed playing and parallels Splinterlands.

In this detailed post by the amazing @chrisroberts he takes us through his adventures in Splinterlands and his strategy moving forward.

If you haven't already take the opportunity to sign up and join SplinterLore website that the team have made to dive deeper into the stories of this fantastic realm.

Let's not forget about the latest Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest where winners are awarded Untamed packs!

The initial investors in the latest Kickstarter and Fundition helped make this new release start with a bang.

In this post the user @newageinv takes stock of all the bonus items received since the latest airdrops were available to redeem.

The Splinterlands team announced yesterday the new upcoming air drop card for the current Untamed series.

It's going to be rare card called The Drake of Arnak making it the third airdrop card that should start appearing in about a week for redemption and or in packs.

If we look here to a post by @anouk.nox.spt he talks about strategies including favourite cards and his experience with Herons.

Just in case you are not familiar Herons is an automatic service for Splinterlands that brings together card delegators and people who want to play.

If you’re interested to learn more this may interest you or your friends if unable to play your cards consistently.

We discovered another interesting strategy post in our travels this time with @golddeck who talks about battles specifically.

The amount of content our community creates is huge and it's hard to list everything in each update we do.

That's why the SPT tag and Splintertalk tribe was set up by the developers of the game.

This tag is used to help distribute SPT tokens through a rewards pool to players talking about the game.

When you use this tag in your post sharing experiences about your journey on Splinterlands the curation team will reward top quality content!

They can then be staked to help influence your vote in the offical Splinterlands tribe window: https://steempeak.com/tribes/SPT

If your interested to join the Contest King guild check out our homepage today!

We also provide each guild member a daily vote to help support your content.

We're in the middle of the holidays but the game can't stop so stay tuned!

We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020.

May it be a monstrously wonderful year.

That's a wrap for the news today.

I hope you've enjoyed it and see you again soon!

Mary Emily 😘


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Thanks for the shout out :)

What happened to the steemmonsters tournament? Did it get rescheduled? Thanks.

what about steemmonster battle contest

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