Splintertalk (SPT) Tournament With Prizes Worth $91 USD!

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Hey Everyone,

The SPT tag and Splintertalk tribe was set up by the developers of the blockchain game Splinterlands.

This tag is used to help distribute SPT tokens through a rewards pool to players talking about the game.

When you use this tag in your post sharing experiences about your journey on Splinterlands the curation team will reward top quality content!

This can then be staked to help influence your vote in the Splinterlands tribe window: https://steempeak.com/tribes/SPT

We decided to sponsor a tournament to help promote the tribe and token to the wider community.

It’s free to join and we're awarding 14,400 SPT Tokens + 139 CK Tokens!

Just a quick update for members not familiar with the (CK) token and it’s purpose on the blockchain.

The Contest Kings prize draw specially rewards staked token holders every 4 weeks with 200 prizes being awarded each time.

These have included: Silver Bullion + Splinterlands Cards, Orbs and Booster Packs + SP Delegation + Steem Basic Income + Liquid Tokens!

The (CK) token was created on steem engine and is now available for purchase.

With a finite amount of 1,000,000 being created this token in conjunction with the benefits of stacking will be a pivotal piece of rewarding the community moving forward.

The next is on the 1st January with 200 new prizes on offer for staked token holders!

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to rewarding your content on the blockchain.

If you see a vote and comment from us on your blog you’ve been hit by our 1.4 Million SPT balance and bonus curation trail!

The @contestkings Team 👹


lets rumble, respect

It's an exciting time for the chain no doubt!

Awesome stuff,

Good luck to those playing!

Thanks and yes it should be a fun tournament with no Legendary cards!


You have been manually curated by the @steemmonsters team!

Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!

Thanks for holding these contests and for explaining (and pimping) SPT! Our community grows!

We really appreciate the community support!

@contestkings, Splinterlands Journey is becoming more exciting and rewarding day by day. And personally i am having great journey with Contestkings Guild.

Keep up the good work team and stay blessed.

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Thanks for your kind words!

Welcome team.