First C24 sponsored Mimosa Nightshade tournament completed

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⚠️⚠️⚠️ As far as the @splinterlands switching to the Hive, we will transfer the prizes for the first tournament directly to the Hive-Engine or using c24 codes directly to the exchange. We will not transfer any tokens into the Steem-Engine

❤️ The second tournament of the Mimosa Nightshade series will be announced shortly! ❤️

To win Mimosa Nightshade you need to join and RT

Those who didn't join will not take part in a Mimosa Nightshade lottery!


The first tournament is over!



Those who have Hive account will receive their prizes directly to the Hive-Engine. Others can receive C24 codes directly to the exchange after the registration and confirming their id!

Thanks for participating!


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Thank you for the tournament plus the reward....More grace