Fake Crazy Abilities- Part Deux

in #spt7 months ago (edited)


Here is a chance for you to evaluate my personal crazy ideas for abilities down the road whether you like them or not. Share your thoughts on mine and of course drop a comment on your thoughts of your own.

My next edition for this category is the fake, proposed ability....


A far less elite as the initial ability, this is a combination of a liability and possible asset.


"A monster with this ability will NOT attack a monster that is scheduled to attack that has thorns, magic reflect, return fire, based on their attack means.

If the monster with this ability had melee, and then this monster would forego its attack against another monster with thorns, rather than attacking and being cautious to avoid the automatic loss in health with the attack. This is a "self preservation" instinct that somehow found itself within a monster.

Also if your monster has magic attack and the monster you're attacking has magic reflect, it will not attack. Likewise return fire would stop an attack from happening with a ranged unit.

This ability could be a "filler card" with low manna, low speed, more of a "cerebral assassin" than a pure mauler like the other monsters. If it were melee it would be very low, but could be a legit 2-3 manna card depending on speed/health with possibly another ability like slow or something along those lines.

Give me your thoughts, I would be very curious on your thoughts in this proposed ability. Thanks for reading and keep on playing and having fun!