Splinterlands Mobile?

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If you haven't started playing yet, you probably will soon. Maybe I'm just being optimistic but I think this is about to be one of the hottest mobile games on the market!

Thanks to our dedicated team of developers, musicians, artists, designers and more.. Splinterlands is already one of the biggest and best games in the blockchain gaming industry!


Special thanks to @nateaguila for the terrific graphic design and screenshot privvy

Check out this great review by The Dapper Weekly!

Are you ready for mobile monsters!?

What's your favorite thing about Splinterlands? Let me know in the comments below!

Join Splinterlands Today!

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This is going to be really exciting and with mobile Keychain and all its Steem Engine Tokens...this is going to be crazy!

Agreed! I wish I could afford to buy up all the SPT on the market lol

this is totally incredible friend, will be the best of the game for a long time !. it's great to be involved in the

is it perfect, what would be the minimum level api for android version?

You'll need to talk to @yabapmatt about that :)

I can't wait for Splinterlands mobile. I'm already playing it on mobile all the time, so looking forward to a much better mobile experience. btw, good thinking on the SPT. I'm starting to also hodl my DEC.

The future is looking pretty bright for Splinterlands :)

Lit, I play this game every day but being able to do it on my phone now is going to make it that much easier to get my daily quest done during those downtimes when I am waiting in a doctors office or what have you lol Think this is great! Be sure to head over and give it a 5 star review!

Hey bro. Think I'm about ready to jump back into game play after tuning into steem again. Haven't been on in a few months tried buying some tokens off steem engine but couldn't see any buy order happening. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong blindly

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I'll DM you on Discord

Yeah for sure I'm away on holidays but will read it soon

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Hi there bro, is this already available for download? I've been waiting for this. Done following you and I'll also resteem your post. My favorite? Earth Splinter is my favorite!

Been ready since I heard it was going to have a mobile app. My favorite thing about Splinterlands is the community, and the constant updates adding new and fresh content to battles. Also, resteemed this post.

What I like most is to open the packages of cards, the emotion that invades me. I feel a girl jijiji
Oh and kick ass, if I can;)

I am really excited for splinterlands mobile version. Wait for the mobile version. I resteem your(@crystalhuman) post.

Very cool! Congrats and great news!

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Great news. Resteemed for all my followers ;p

Nice preview of the app 😍

Wow this is amazing news! Im waiting for so long for Steemmonsters app and now its released! Thank you so much for this amazing work... Upvoted and resteemed :) keep up the good work as always

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Re-steemed as always 😁
By the way, is that mobile use landskap or potrait mode? (Omg my english) 🤣

Excited to play mobile!! And also your latest post too! Woot!

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