Weekly Splinterlands Battle Challenge

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Card: Spark Pixies
Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE

boarder 2.png

Lets start off by saying this was a hard one to make the Pixies look good.


So until you get it to level 6 (60 cards and approx. $6.00 later) it is sitting at a an atk/mana ration of 0.5. I could see that with some awesome skills to boost it but flying is it untill level 5 when it gets stun. I can think of better ways to spend $4.00 to improve my team. For earthquake rounds it is nice (see my battle linked lower), but seems very situational to get a better rating than maybe a 3.5/10.

boarder 2.png



It was a little league and EQ match so luckily fire excess, IMO, at this. Took the dogs out as a tank, best 4 or lower mana tank in game IMO. Decided that in slot two I wanted to do some extra melee damage since I was playing red and get the summoner bonus and he could take 3 rounds of EQ as long as the dogs lived and the opponent didn't have a blaster. After that it was about the flyers. Three of them, all low mana and all flying. Lastly I went in with the idea of using the life debuff in my final slot to try and make the EQs kill the enemy quicker.

The battle

The battle link

As you can see it was effective. The opponent wasn't filled with level ones so it wasn't just getting an easy match. Unfortunately for him came in with too low of health to survive the EQs. This was a solid team for the exact match. Would i try this again outside these ruleset? No way. Inside this ruleset? Absolute!

Parting words

Splinterlands is an amazing community and really does not get the spotlight like it should.

Never tried it before, here's your chance!

Not all cards are great cards, this weekly chanllenge chose was of the lower end in my opinion. All cards have their place and time to shine and I am glad I found a place for this one to shine to give an example of that. I do not personally play it often and do not plan to start to add this card to my normal rotation.


Thanks for giving the firey wee ones a go and for joining the challenge!