Project SEED x Belemo; collaboration announcement

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Yay! Good Friday evening everyone :)
you can't imagine how happy I'm to share this news!

Starting today, long-term hivian @belemo starts collaborating with us (@seed-treasury) in our Defi & NFT expansion; more concretely through Splinterlands. More details to follow.

A bit of background

Those of you who follow our Nigerian prince @belemo will probably already know that the situation in Nigeria is not particularly good.

Instability is so great that even people's physical integrity is threatened, and this is no exception. @belemo has long been making plans to leave the country. But people in that situation have a big problem. Since wages in those countries are very low in dollar terms (According to this source, we're talking about 30K Naira or ~72$ as the minimum monthly wage), it's almost impossible for them to overcome that virtual barrier if they only rely on local sources of income.

This makes places like HIVE very attractive for people willing to put the work in. And belemo did a great job on that sense over the years, amassing a decent fortune.

However, he has a major dilemma, and that is to sell part of his assets, as in doing so he also loses his most important sources of income.

And this is where we come in (us, Project SEED).

Belemo has a splinterlands deck valued at 4500$. If he tries to sell it all quickly, he is likely to lose significant value along the way.

Instead, we have come to the following agreement:

@seed-treasury (as the holding account), is purchasing all the NFT cards at market prices in exchange for 4500 HBD. After that, we're delegating all the cards back to belemo.

As a condition for this and from now onwards, belemo will pay 25% of his net splinterlands earnings to us, (we have preliminarily agreed to do it between seasons, as well as keeping in touch with each other when upgrading cards, etc.)

EDIT (for clarification): 25% of the net earnings coming from our cards delegated to him. Not on all his other splinterlands assets like packs, lands & skins.

Win-Win? I'm all in.

Think about it.

  • @belemo is getting instantly a decent amount of cash, which will surely help a lot, WITHOUT losing the ability to keep generating income through his cards and his gaming skills.

  • We're acquiring a new type of assets (splinterland NFT cards), without consuming my time to play the daily quests. Plus we're also getting another source of income, likely to increase as time passes. In case any of the parts don't want to keep up with the deal, the cards are always in our control.

  • We're also getting a SPS airdrop for ~100 days, which will be fully owned by us, obviously.

I consider the deal in a 'testing phase', but in case I/We feel good with the results, we can always invest more into a better deck and aspire for the higher leagues (are u reading this, mah Nigerian prince?).

**Whatever the case, it's a win-win. ** Welcome to the fam @belemo! (always has been) :)

Enjoy the weekend!


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First of all Thank you for helping Belemo in this hard time.

Second this seems like such a good concept to do, as you have the collateral of the card incase of worst case plans so it is good for both parties.

Keep up the great work :)

my mother says you have to have friends in hell

Ps. Thx for the tip!

Nice. LeoFinance is gradually becoming a society the way I see it.

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Always has been, isn't it?

Good move. I like the idea help a community member + and Splinterlands should be a very good long-term hold.

For APR and also future price movements if the game expands more and more.

Good move empo! :)

Splinterlands has alwways been a long-term hold for me. I'm also considering buying 500-1000 packs and hold them for the future.

oh yeah, i do the same :)

The question is before packs run out of supply ( for fast gains) or buy now for airdrops :D

Edit: btw Kwon ( one of the founders) goes full retard with luna stablecoin.

Are you already shorting? :D

Not yet because I don't know if my collateral is fully secured (if luna falls, ust depegs...that type of tragic stuff). Researching this

yup same issue :)

I mean it could swing massive and ends up in liquidation.

Literally own belemo and make him our bitch? Count me in

This is awesome :)

Great work guys, everybody wins!

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That's what I thought!

I like this concept! Will Belemo be able to buy back his collection in the future?

This reminds me a little of what were or are going to be, but with NFTs. A lot of people (including myself) can be desperate for liquidity and these types of deals are a good option.

I've lent some money in the past, I've learned from my mistakes and I think that in the future I could use a similar model to help people.

Will Belemo be able to buy back his collection in the future?

Si él así lo desea, no veo por que no.

De todas formas, yo soy el primero queriendo adentrarme en Splinterlands, el problema es que no tengo el tiempo (ni la paciencia) para hacer los desafíos diarios, etc.

Una de las premisas de este pacto para mí es la de poseer un set de cartas medio decente para empezar a jugar (y a partir de ahí escalar). Después existen otras posibilidades, como por ejemplo el mercado de rentas de cartas, etc.

La posibilidad de delegar abre muchas puertas.

Oye, y no te he felicitado lo suficiente por tu exitazo como witness con aliento. Enhorabuena! Habéis hecho lo que un día soñé con hacer (crear una comunidad hispana desde 0) y nunca tuve la voluntad. Mis respetos!

Me pareció muy buena esta propuesta y es un ganar-ganar en mi opinión, aunque dependerá de como evolucione el mercado y el valor de las cartas de Splinterlands.

Oye, y no te he felicitado lo suficiente por tu exitazo como witness con aliento. Enhorabuena! Habéis hecho lo que un día soñé con hacer (crear una comunidad hispana desde 0) y nunca tuve la voluntad. Mis respetos!

¡Muchas gracias! Es un gran honor viniendo de ti. Ha sido mucho trabajo y no lo he hecho solo, he tenido ayuda de muchas personas. Tenemos muchos planes para el futuro, queremos ayudar a que Hive y su ecosistema siga creciendo.

Es un gran honor viniendo de ti



Tenemos muchos planes para el futuro, queremos ayudar a que Hive y su ecosistema siga creciendo.

Tenéis una 'vacante' (o necesitáis una mano con algo en concreto?)? Yo me apunto a lo que sea (ya me toca quitarme el óxido a nivel comunidad, demasiado tiempo en la sombra para mi gusto).

Tenéis una 'vacante' (o necesitáis una mano con algo en concreto?)?

Claro! Hay varias coas en la que podrías apoyarnos, nos escribimos por Discord para platicarlo bien. Te cuento más a detalle algunos de los planes.

I'm slowly going to buyback my assets but not from seed-treasury, I'll buy directly from the market

What about SPS airdrop for the cards? It's not much, but it still goes on.
Hodling cards earns SPS, stacking SPS earns Vouchers. Something must be done about it LOL)))...

And what is @belemo name in Splinterlands?

Obviously, all the SPS received will be treated as another source of income. Since we are the owners of the cards, we are receiving the airdrop value in full.

my name is belemo on Splinterlands

There is no downside to this imho. We help someone out and possibly add to our stack or worst case we just help someone overcome their problems. It's what Hive should be.

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That's great. I like the fact that being a trusted community member enables us to bypass the regular screenings to determine creditworthiness and makes collaborations a lot easier. I believe this will work out, and we'd be able to help more people out in the future

bypass the regular screenings to determine creditworthiness


Being able to delegate virtual assets is a game-changer that I haven't seen elsewhere. This removes completely the need for creditworthiness if the other part has something of value for you.

A great idea and something I think we all can support. Most likely will be a money maker but, at a minimum, it helps him out. We have the resources and it does give the fund exposure to something else.

This is why Hive is all about: changing lives.

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Hie is definitely changing lives, it has changed mine for the better and that change is impacting my wife's life and even my parent's.

As I said we are in contact to make the management of this as smooth as possible for both parties.

I wanted to enter into the Splinterlands realm a long ago with Seed funds and this seemed like a golden opportunity to do so. If we are helping a community member in the process then more than better.

Life is long and you never know when or where you might need a friend. Definitively Hive is changing lives.

That's true that in countries with wages like that, Being a full time Hivian can clearly be a good job !

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You have done the first Lease-back in the history of Hive. I think it's a good deal for both parties.

Seriously? Sounds great! I can put this in my witness description lmao untitled.gif

But being completely fair, Belemo isn't forced to buy back his cards from us.

Bullish on Belemo

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That is an interesting idea and I am interested in seeing how well this goes. You will get some SPS for holding onto the cards so that can also be counted as revenue for SEED.

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It will certainly be! :)

Can't wait to accumulate some SPS

nigerian prince rug pull in 3.. 2... :)))

Naysayers will say that SEED makes 99,9% of its value through memes.

if memes would be that profitable I would be rich AF :)

Great ! I hope Belemo will take benefit of those 4500HBD ! That's a great amount ! !PIZZA

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Amazing. This goes to show how amazing the possibilities that could stem from this single act can produce.

Thank you for coming through for Belemo.

Thank you for showing community

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You're welcome :)

Pleasure is mine.

Why does most of the things said here sound like foreign language to me? Arggghh!

For what it's worth, I smiled at that meme up there. Very sleek.

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Nice sweatshirt! they got a bargain! 😄🤣

Hi Empo. I was wondering if there’s room for more partnerships. I’m very much interested in this as well.

I'm sorry, but the collaboration with belemo is already exceptional in itself. I consider it to be in the testing phase for several months before deciding whether to extend or reduce the terms.

I hope you understand.

Yeah I understand

I hope you get it right so all can work together for good

Thanks all the same