Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Theme: Rebellion!

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Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my battle. in @splinterlands.

Battle details: I played with water/death splinter. My opponent used a water splinter against me.


Battle rules: It was a battle with 49 mana cap and one rule:

Aim True: Attacks always hit their targets.

Battle lineup:


ZEDDICA level 5. This dual element summoner was the most interesting thing I got from opening 40 Rebellion packs. It was at level 1 so I had to level up it to level 5 so I could use it. But I think that it was worth it because this summoner combines two my favorite decks.


HYDRA lebel 2. I bought this monster recently and so far I really like it. This monster has good melee attack (3), great health (8) and two abilities: Heal and Thorns. I used this monster as my tank because it can heal itself.


CTHULHU level 2. This monster has good magic attack(3), insane health(12) and three abilities: Cripple, Flying and Stun. I picked this monster because it is a strong mage who can stun my enemies.


PHANTOM SOLDIER level 3. This mage has good magic attack (3), great health(9) and two abilities: Flying and Silence. I used this mage because I feared that my opponent may have many mages. So I wanted to lower their magic attack.


ANCIENT LICH level 2. This is one of my favorites death monsters because it has good megic attack (3) and two awesome abilities: Life Leech and Void.


LIFE SAPPER level 4. This monster has decent magic attacks(2) and low health(2). But it can gain more health thanks to Life Leech ability.


HELHEIM DEMON level 1. This mage has nice magic attack(2), armor(2) and good health(8). This is another awesome addition from Rebellion cards because it has Flying and Taunt abilities. In the past I had a DARK HA'ON. This monster for me seems like a discount version of DARK HA'O because it has similar abilities but cost much less. I miss my DARK HA'ON so I really like HELHEIM DEMON as well.

Battle strategy I used HYDRA as my tank because I thought that my enemy will have some melee monsters so I wanted them to take damage by attacking my HYDRA. I used mostly a magic team so I could hit enemies while ignoring their armor. I used HELHEIM DEMON as a distraction and hoped that he will keep my opponent busy for a few rounds I used PHANTOM SOLDIER to lower enemy magic attacks. I hid ANCIENT LICH in the middle of my team so it could gain more health.

On the battlefield

Battle 1.png

My opponent used a purely magical team. So I was glad that I picked PHANTOM SOLDIER with his Silence ability.

Battle 2.png

Opponent's monsters already killed my mage with taunt ability. But my team also slew enemy tank.

Battle 3.png

I lost my HYDRA but opponent's DJINN OSHANNUS also died.

Battle 4.png

My team slew another powerful enemy CAPTAIN'S GHOST. At this point I knew that I will win.

Battle 5.png

And so I won.

Battle results.png

In this battle I won 22 League Rating and 0.178 SPS. My strategies worked well- My Rebellion packs opening was a disaster. But I did buy a few useful cards like ZEDDICA and HELHEIM DEMON. In this battle I combined those new cards with my death deck and HYDRA. I used a HYDRA as a tank to punish melee attackers. I lowered opponent's magic attack and taunted my enemies. ANCIENT LICH was my main weapon so I hid it amidst my team.

I hope that you enjoyed my battle. If you would also like to start playing splinterlands and earning by making posts about your battles or by making art inspired by splinterlands please consider using my referral link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=fieryfootprints

Also please consider visiting my art gallery. So far it has only a few pieces that are inspired by splinterlands . But in the future I might add more works with splinterlands monsters.

Thank you and have a nice day.