Free Splinterlands Graphics: I Will Design For You!

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This is my first step in supporting the @Splinterlands community by helping to improve their posts, articles, videos and fanart with the original content from the game. In this post you will find tons of graphics, that will boost the looks of your content immediately, by simply using them for whatever you want to create around the Splinterlands game.


I Will Design For You

I am offering YOU, the entire Splintertalk ( #spt ) community, to create unique graphics for free, as far as my graphic design skills (and time) allow that. This can include special dividers, personalized cards and thumbnails for your posts (yes, particularly, but not exclusively, for your card giveaways).

You can request graphics from me once, maybe twice - please don't ask me for a new one every day, as I do have a life outside of the game and community. However, I am happy to take your donations and contract work, if you are looking for something extraordinary.

Also, I am not an illustrator, so don't ask me for fanart drawings (please contact @kayrex for that, who does AMAZING illustrations).


@flauwy, illustrated by @kayrex

Disclaimer: Although I have created all the dividers in this post, 100% of the graphics below belong to ©Splinterlands and I have zero rights for them. Nevertheless, you can use them to create cool content and hence help to make the game even more popular than it already is.

How to get the images: Right click on the image and select "Save image as..."





Splinter Icons
















Rarity Display


Legendary Dragon Card Template


Booster Packs

alpha_booster_pack.pngbeta_booster_pack.pngUntamed Booster.png
Untamed (sealed)

Card Stats Icons



Malric.pngZintar.pngSpirit of the Forest.pngManticore.pngFeral Spirit.pngCrustacean King.pngLord Arianthus.png

Original Monster Art

Wait, not enough images? Ok, here is a link to the official Splinterlands monsters in high quality PNGs, so that you can make your posts pop out like eyeballs on Mars:


So what are you waiting for? Let me know what you need and I get to work to design something cool and Splinterlands-related for you. While my work is entirely free for you, I will still use the opportunity to share my creations for you with the community, I am not doing secret work. The only exception would be, if you plan to release the design with a delay, for whatever reasons you might have for that. I would be fine with that and wait until I share what I have done for you.

And I would like to highlight once more, that my friend @kayrex from Venezuela (Do I have to say more? He needs you!) is EAGERLY waiting for a paid contract illustration work for you. This guy is good, REALLY good! Here are some of his designs, to make you run to his profile and send your love in form of upvotes and comissions.

Illustrations by @kayrex, card design by @nateaguila


Get in the Game with my Referral Link:

Check out @mushroom-monster

A @splinterlands fan project by @flauwy and @kayrex

We Are Mushroom, We Are Boss - The Legend of the Mighty Mushroom MonstersThe Crypto Dwarf is Back with Mushroom Monster News

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Amazing! Thanks for the offer to community.

It shall not be the last!

Very cool initiative, @flauwy!!

Dude. Those emojis are fantastic. Love Zintar in particular. Thanks for all you do :)

Thanks to @nateaguila, the graphic design master of Splinterlands.


That is so awesome! If you would be willing.. I have been wanting my own style Splinterlands card to use for like avatars or promo for Splinterlands on my other social media sites! So basically just an emoji of me with maybe some Magic attacks?

Sure, hit me up on Discord and we discuss all details. :)

Awesome I get off in an hour and ill have access to my discord and will send you a message thank you again!


@flauwy I just dropped you a comment on your post from yesterday also but thank you for this. This is extremely helpful. I'm going to spend a lot of time from now on looking at the things that you and others like you post and I will leverage these resources when I get back into posting. Thank you.


Awesome. Good luck.

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I appreciate it and left you a long reply. Keep up the positiveness, you are a cool person and I am glad to have you in the community!

Boom! Great graphics man! 😎

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Stackin it high, like usualy!

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I recently started blogging. And this is just AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for this.

Cool that this post is still helpful.

Wow! What a awesome Splinterlands post!! Everyone including myself will be using this! Thank you!! I see a SM upvote coming your way!!
Archmage Arius (648px, 10fps).gif

Wow thanks, that's some great community work you did for all of us :D

I will definetaly take advantage of some of those nicely done works, when I get the chance to :)

@flauwy can we use this.. is there is also a divider for rising star game?

Yes, use them and change them as you like. I haven't made a Rising Star one yet but that's a great idea!

thank you sir

have a great day


thank's for graphic





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Very nice... will use those on my post.

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Thanks for this post, those are indeed some dope graphics and dividers to which I'll be helping myself to from time to time. Resteemed!

thank you for these images I'm asking for permission to use them hehe

Sure, feel free to use them.


Very awesome of you @flauwy, do you know if it's allowed to use them in other apps and programs when the content is Splinterlands? For example, I'd like to use some of these in my Twitch channel. They will definitely help my Splinterlands blogging and whatnot, which has been rather lackluster thus far. Great work, and thanks again!

Normally I'd have my referral link here, but I'm not gonna do that on someone else's content.


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This is wonderful, thanks a ton!

Hey I've got a few more dividers and a card stack image that I've put together you can add to this.