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I'm honeymushybaby, AKA Klevit. Some of you may not know me, most of you haven't heard of me, but that's okay. That's what this post is for. I'm an enormous crypto/NFT user/enthusiast, and I've been in the Metaverse for over a year now. But I have dabbled in NFTs since the early Cryptokitty days.

To detail my path, I started my first not move on Gala Games playing Townstar. Townstar is a game that's really similar to Farmville to Townville; it is even made by some developers from there! That was a fun start to earning money from gaming. I dedicated 3 weeks of my life 24/7 to playing that game to make the leaderboard earn rewards. My friends sure were confused.

This drew me deeper into the NFT universe, and that's where I discovered Upland. Upland was revolutionary to me. Buying and selling virtual property while earning dividends seemed insane. I was very skeptical and confused, and only after about 2 months did I put in my first $5..$10.. $20 and shortly after the opening of Fresno, along with a few good flips. I netted my Pro Status of 100K UPX Net Worth.

Around Thanksgiving, I won a challenge that garnered me a considerable amount of in-game currency in Upland and was able to purchase some very nice properties that I still own to this day, especially in Manhattan. But the critical moment there was meeting what would turn out to be the most helpful group of NFT enthusiasts. Along with the likes of TDavis, Saniyaka, PhoenixTat, Saladin, Bdag, Tim and others. Great people. Together, we started exploring the Atomichub Platform on the Wax ecosystem. To give a timeline of what occurred when I joined, ill say this. I was one of the first in my group to recommend using R-planet.... back when people were skeptical of the hard-staking options. Back when NFT's were about Art and not utility. The good old days.

From Wax blossomed a love of NFTs; from there, I found Splinterlands. Splinterlands was new to me. I saw it as hearthstone but didn't understand much nor see value in it. Nevertheless, I tried playing it and did so...Even spent 1,500 wax in February (at that time, it was hard to earn Wax) on a bundle of SL stuff that today would have been worth thousands of $$$. Unfortunately, I sold the 3 land plots for around 100 wax but kept some flagship cards like Kraken, Fallen Specter, and Mitica Headhunter. For a while, I didn't touch Splinterlands.

I only came back to it after the recent rush. I also found out that the legendary Byzantinist helped me out with a few cards way back in February/March through delegation. How much he has grown is insane. Legendary. Now, I'm back. I just hit silver 2, and because of an explosion in FarmingTales NFTs, I have been able to achieve what I thought would be too expensive just a month ago. I have since joined a guild led by @shadow346. It has altered the dynamics of my love for the game and I am honored to be a part of something that can help people grow.

I am looking forward to growing as an NFT enthusiast, a crypto believer, a gamer, a player, a guild member, and a writer. LFG!


Great story! I'm on Upland too. Have like 21 properties. Cool project. Glad you found your way to Splintelands.

Thank you!! I do hope you enjoy Upland; it can be a real moneymaker. Upland was the catalyst that threw me into the NFT Metaverse, but truly it's all thanks to Brave Browser for advertising it. xD