My first design for Splinterland: The breakdown barricade By @juliolunar

in #sptlast year

Hello Dear Steemians.

When the game came out, Steem monster took some time to design some sketches in my sketchbook.

Today when I review the profile of @splinterland I noticed this contest and decided to digitize one of those sketches.

I present to you The breakdown barricade.

As its name says, it is a specialist in opening roads where it is difficult to pass the characters in attack.

Here I show you the sketch


Work entirely done in Photoshop


Remove the entire white background to just keep the lines


Then I started to color my character


Add shadows, highlights and details.


Finally I decided to change the color. Since in Photoshop I have the option to do it.
due to the fact that each part of the body works as a different layer.
In conclusion. I can change the Color independently of each part of your body.


This was the final result

His @juliolunar server from Cumaná-Edo Sucre, Venezuela with great pride says goodbye. Greetings to all!

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uff! está brutal ese personaje!

@leomolina ya veras lo que vien por ahi XD

This is a really cool character! I wonder if he holds his own eyes in his hands or those of his enemies...

it's his eyes, it's a creation of Dr hydekill (Inspired name is we already know who).
I will soon show the face of this creator of strange and a little grotesque creatures

¡Me gusta mucho el coloreado! ¡Muy poco lo que he hecho en digital pero es un paso que quiero dar! ¡Me alegra conocer otro dibujante de mi tierra! ¡Éxito!

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