Is it playing? Is it working? Or little bit of both?... Where will my journey take me?

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Starting new journey is always daunting task.
Especially when someone jumps into something anew.
Let me take you along my new journey...

Cryptocurrency and community behind it has been growing, with more average person interest adding as fuel to what is already steaming hot that is newest to internet-of-things... The new frontier for making money.

Growing up in 90s, electronic games were hottest thing that kept most undisciplined youth out of community... to the dark corner of the house, hidden from family and friends to self entertain for hours glued to screen.
With the internet growth, gaming genre has grown into mature infrastructure.
From simple frogger to space age virtual games that look so real, you can literally forget which is reality when you dive so deep into it.
Something once seen as burden, now seen as new field of study and work environment.
Then there came the blockchain games that provided means to earn.

When I was younger, I always told myself - "If I can make money playing game, then I shall dedicate my life to it - so I can enjoy life instead of doing undesirable work, so I will never work a day!".
It was good dream, but as an adult, now I see the blockchain games with different perspective... It is something between the joy and work.

Splinterlands has shown this new side of me immediately.
I started with no investment into the game, on a whim from a suggestion from friend, trying to ruin my healthy goal to exercise... Yeah I'm calling you out @forsakensushi!
I really wanted to see where I can get to... does it live up to dream I had long ago?
It seem so far away and unachievable... But it changed quickly over couple days...

So, where does playing, working, or little bit of both come from?
TCG(Trading Card Game) genre has been around for long time, as long as I can recall.
So it wasn't difficult to understand the game mechanic, and glad to have the starter deck provided for free.
Then came the ownership... After all, to make wealth, is to have more.
$10 to start... well, that immediately ruined fully free... My friend was good enough to introduce, but wasn't willing to buy spellbook for me.
To advance, it was obvious to prioritize to rent cards... Youtube after Youtube, article after article... All of them leading me to it, but when I played TCG irl (like Magic the Gathering), I never borrowed. I wanted my deck, not use someone else's deck.
Then came the logical question... If I don't follow my heart, I could get more, like more money and faster progress... But then I wouldn't be me... So where does my adult mind with logics stand between illogical memory/desire and here?
Still childish in heart and mind, I just couldn't bring myself to rent for gain, when I can have my journey started today...

Time will tell the tale, choices are made and present day will become past in future, so keep an eye out for my tale...
Will it be tale of pain of slow gain, progress, or even hatred for game like broken record? Or will it be tale of perseverance to overcome challenges and how I was able to start from nothing to owning champion worth deck in future?

To Be Continued.... Maybe hahaha


Thanks for the story I just started playing too!!

Cant wait to hear what happens next brother! this is going to be a truly fun journey glad you and Pynutbater (my lovely girlfriend) are along for the ride!

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