A Noobs Tale in Splinterlands Pt.2 The Journey and YouTube

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In this series I am going to talk about my journey in Splinterlands.I am a brand new player. One that has no history with this game and extremely limited experience with block chain games in general. Today I want to talk about my history with blockchain games and ultimately how to get much needed information on Splinterlands through YouTube.

Let me start by talking a little about the journey that I have taken so far in regards to blockchain games. I started where ultimately I think everyone starts: Reddit/Google/Youtube. I have been trying to learn about blockchain games for a few weeks now. I tend to switch games often and I have been looking for what the best options for me as a player and also an investor could be. Like who doesn't love the promise of playing a game and making money ? That's the dream isn't it ?

I love the idea of NFT based games and I have always been drawn to games that would monetize the games and the assets in the games (Entropia Universe, Second Life). In the past I have watched as developers have fought against this and always wondered why they wouldn't embrace it...because in the end...they could profit on both sides of the game. BTW I made BANK in second life...and Diablo 2 for that matter LOL.

In general I was worried about scams, broken promises, and developers that wouldn't be able to deliver on their promises. Crypto is a little bit scary to me, as a 40...something dad I am pretty comfortable with technology...but still I have no desire to be scammed out of my hard earned money...especially on the back end of a pandemic.

I tried looking only at the major developers out there that have a history of success. It blew my mind to watch people throwing large amounts of cash at games that didn't even exist yet...although I guess this shouldn't surprise me when you look at all the insane crowd funded games out there that still haven't come to market... STAR CITIZEN anyone??

I found Splinterlands through the DYGYcon conference because I started my journey via Gala Games Townstar. I was excited to hear about legitimate games that were blockchain based were out there and of course I wanted to hear more about the Gala games projects that were currently being produced as well. This brought me to more research from google and also the place I tend to go when I want to learn about a new game...YouTube.


Where is the good information on YouTube??

When I first started looking for Splinterlands material I seriously was having a hard time finding anything current on it. Literally everything was a year old that I was finding and I wanted something within days or weeks to show me what to do. And I had never even heard of hive at the time...ohh and I also didn't know that Hive was built on a blogging engine...LOL go figure since I"m writing a blog.

The Part Time Economist

The first video that I saw was from this guy, Lots of people hype games but he seemed super down to earth and showed some of the best ways to make money with the game both internally and externally. Thank you @parttimeeconon for being so cool with your information !

This of course took me further down the rabbit hole and I started researching how to play the game and what it entailed. At this point I saw the game was in the IOS App store and this was a HUGE win for me! I think because I trust the game further when I can buy through the apple app store. Also FYI much more dangerous when it makes it easy to spend money LOL!


I Then found @sl-guides and his stuff was fantastic ! He was really catering to the new player. I appreciated that he was willing to talk about the mistakes he made and what he would tell himself if he was starting over.

The advice I got from people on discord was definitely different than what @sl-guides was stating but I think this video also is worth a watch.

Positioning of the cards is something I still don't understand honestly. I still struggle with it, but this was a great start to trying to understand. At least I know Melee goes in front...except when it doesn't and yeah...lots of rulesets LOL Thanks again @sl-guides !!

I continue to ask a ton of questions in discord and that is just part of the learning process. But I appreciate the effort (as an editor) that goes into making these videos as they have been a huge help to me!


Bulldog 1205

The Russian Download

Clove 71

Thank you @clove71 @bulldog1205 and @okean123 for all of your fantastic content! Please keep up the great work it is truly appreciated!

Join me in my journey through Splinterlands?

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Great advice for new players! ~@clove71

Ohh my goodness thanks for the upvote!!

Ohh my goodness thanks for the upvote!!

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