Magic Attack Vs Magic Defense

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I haven't posted a battle for a while. I have been playhing each day, but have been short on time to do a post.

Anyway, I thought I would post this battle, as it is an example of a theme of mine, the magic defense

The Magic Defense

The Magic defense is often with a -1 Magic summoner or monster, with the void ability tank. I find this extremely effective against players that rely on magic too much.

Here is the recent battle


This match was clear that the whole back row was magic, with a +1 magic summoner. Luckily I had a -1 summoner. There were two tricky aspects about my opponents strategy

  1. They used a strong tank with thorns
  2. not all their magic was directed at y tank, there was a sneak magic

luckily my tank was strong enough to survive the attack, and my back row monster had healing so could keep surviving the sneak attack.

Diversification is the key

just like investing, its great to be diversified with a few ranged, Magic, and melee, as well as a few sneak and shields. that way I wasn't going to get smashed by the thorns, and could take their tank out without my tank being sacrificed.

Blast was tough to defend against

I thought about the blast and put a shield monster in second position, but that didn't help much when the blast was all on magic, but still it had enough health to protect the weaker monsters in the backline.

All up happy with this win, fairly matched monsters but the strategy deployed got me over the line.


Yay! 🤗
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Something with void armor or phase would also be a good candidate for the tank.

Omg I’m so looking forward to a 15 mana summoner that gives void armor, phase, and magic reflect and watching Torillo trample all over a mother fu(record scratch).

I am putting together my own anti-magic defense, but this is part of my strategy to, the minus one magic with Borto and the frozen cow with void. The use of range with healing, as well as the crustacean healing the void enabled tank is a nice touch. Thanks for the ideas.