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I have been always wondered how much would it cost to build a certain leveled deck. If you don't know Splinterlands has card level limitations in matches based on what league you are in. So, anyone can build a deck based on what league they want to compete in. From what I have seen, with determination you can reach one league up than your deck's league level.

If you are planning on building a new deck, here is a script for you to estimate how much it would cost.

How to use

Add card edition based on your need.

const editions = [1, 3]; // 0 = Alpha, 1 = Beta, 2 = Promo, 3 = Reward

By default it includes beta and reward editions of cards.

Comment out of remove splinters you don't want.

const splinters = [
  'Red', // Fire
  'Green', // Earth
  'Blue', // Water
  'White', // Life
  'Black', // Death
  'Gray', // Neutral
  'Gold', // Dragon

Add your target level.

const targetLevel = 'silver'; // novice, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, champion

You may not need to make any other changes but feel free if you want to customize.

Here is a short way:

git clone
cd 750288082336c1c7039d32f8205f8b39
npm i tablemark axios

// make changes as needed
node  sm-cost-estimator.js


Here is what you'll get if you run the script as is (beta and reward cards for silver league).

1Goblin ShamanFireBeta252.050
2Giant RocFireBeta252.225
3Kobold MinerFireBeta252.750
4Fire BeetleFireBeta252.250
5Malric InfernoFireBeta1112.397
6Serpentine SoldierFireBeta111.749
7Pit OgreFireBeta110.935
9Fire DemonFireBeta610.164
10Serpent of the FlameFireBeta66.840
11Elemental PhoenixFireBeta325.500
12Pirate CaptainWaterBeta252.250
13Spineback TurtleWaterBeta253.825
14Crustacean KingWaterBeta254.975
15Sabre SharkWaterBeta252.200
16Alric StormbringerWaterBeta1113.750
18Water ElementalWaterBeta111.980
19Frozen SoldierWaterBeta111.419
20Mischievous MermaidWaterBeta68.400
21Naga WarriorWaterBeta65.022
22Frost GiantWaterBeta37.200
23Flesh GolemEarthBeta254.475
24Goblin SorcererEarthBeta253.250
26Minotaur WarriorEarthBeta251.600
27Lyanna NaturaEarthBeta1112.100
28Earth ElementalEarthBeta114.917
29Stone GolemEarthBeta111.573
30Stonesplitter OrcEarthBeta111.540
31Magi of the ForestEarthBeta69.600
32Swamp ThingEarthBeta69.738
33Spirit of the ForestEarthBeta321.000
34Divine HealerLifeBeta252.650
35Feral SpiritLifeBeta253.950
36Silvershield KnightLifeBeta251.625
37Silvershield WarriorLifeBeta251.500
38Tyrus PaladiumLifeBeta1112.980
40Silvershield PaladinLifeBeta114.400
41Clay GolemLifeBeta111.309
42Defender of TruthLifeBeta67.200
43Air ElementalLifeBeta69.600
44Angel of LightLifeBeta39.600
45Animated CorpseDeathBeta251.225
46Haunted SpiderDeathBeta252.050
47Skeleton AssassinDeathBeta252.350
48Spineback WolfDeathBeta252.325
49Zintar MortalisDeathBeta1111.374
50Haunted SpiritDeathBeta115.500
51Twisted JesterDeathBeta113.949
52Undead PriestDeathBeta112.948
53Dark EnchantressDeathBeta64.644
54Screaming BansheeDeathBeta65.664
55Lord of DarknessDeathBeta311.982
56Selenia SkyDragonBeta333.000
57Lightning DragonDragonBeta37.200
58Chromatic DragonDragonBeta36.282
59Gold DragonDragonBeta315.840
60Peaceful GiantNeutralBeta255.025
61Grumpy DwarfNeutralBeta251.500
62Elven CutthroatNeutralBeta2511.925
66Enchanted PixieNeutralBeta117.469
67Raging ImpalerNeutralBeta64.800
68Magi SphinxNeutralBeta614.700
70Talia FirestormFireBeta67.440
71Xia SeachanWaterBeta610.908
72Xander FoxwoodEarthBeta611.100
73Kiara LightbringerLifeBeta69.600
74Jarlax the UndeadDeathBeta68.064
79Highland ArcherNeutralReward250.425
80Rusty AndroidNeutralReward250.400
82Lord ArianthusNeutralReward329.940
83Sea GenieWaterReward250.425
84Divine SorceressLifeReward61.728
85Mushroom SeerEarthReward112.420
87Flame ImpFireReward112.090
88Daria DragonscaleDragonReward63.024
89Sacred UnicornLifeReward34.740
90Wood NymphEarthReward250.975
91Creeping OozeNeutralReward250.800
92Phantom SoldierDeathReward61.980
93Pirate ArcherWaterReward111.045
94Naga Fire WizardFireReward110.649
96Silvershield ArchersLifeReward250.400
97Goblin MechNeutralReward250.450
98Ruler of the SeasWaterReward313.380
99Skeletal WarriorDeathReward110.671
100Imp BowmanFireReward61.884
101Crystal WerewolfLifeReward110.803
102Javelin ThrowerEarthReward111.144
103Sea MonsterWaterReward250.500
104Prismatic EnergyNeutralReward110.935
105Undead MinotaurDeathReward250.375
106Exploding DwarfFireReward251.150
108Black DragonDragonReward34.560
109Crypt MancerDeathBeta331.500
110Plado EmberstormFireBeta342.000
112Prince RennynEarthBeta389.997
113The PeakriderLifeBeta339.000
131Furious ChickenNeutralReward112.750
132Fallen SpecterDeathReward310.200
133Beetle QueenFireReward112.530
134Naga WindmasterWaterReward112.409

Estimated cost of SILVER league deck is:
USD: 851.746
STEEM: 124.660
SBD: 586.458
DEC: 0.758

Low price per BCX was used. You might get a good deal on multi-bcx cards from market. This script might have some limitations or the value shown might not be accurate. Please use at your own risk.

Carbon was used for the cover image. 5% post rewards goes to Steem DAO.


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