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RE: State of the Splinterlands community + third party DEC update

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"As far as prizes go, it is estabilished that a lot more prizes of a lot less value is a much more popular concept than very few but huge prizes. Unfortunately, Splinterlands has it all backwards at this point."

With this point I am disagree, as Splinterlands has doubled the prices in most tournaments after release of untamed, so in the tournaments with (before) 32 prices now exist 64 prices and in the tournaments with (before) 16 prices exist now 32 prices. In my opinion it was really a good idea to do so.


In this case, what I mean is having maybe two dozen tournaments a day with a lot more qualifying places for prizes, although much lower prizes. There could still be the occasional grand tournament once or twice a day with almost as much money as the current ones.

OK this is a good point. I think especially with the tournament-quest they must add more tournaments, especially at weekends you have to wait to long for next "regular" tournament. You cannot expect that player have goldfoil- or alpha-cards and if you start this quest from gold-league on you can also not calculate the Diamond/Champions-Tournaments. Just take a look to this at the moment. The last "regular" tournament (max. goldeleague level) was 21 hours ago and the next will be in 13 hours. How you can speak from a daily quest if you can fulfill your mission only every 34 hours ?