One of the most undervalued Splinterlands cards?

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I want to start a series where I talk about the most undervalued cards in Splinterlands!

Keep in mind that I have been into Splinterlands since the very beginning, and I remember buying Krons for $1.50 (even though I gave most away) and many staple cards from wild for a penny each!

The card that I want to talk about today is my most coveted card... The Sea Monster!

Now if any of you have been in the Splinterlands' Discord over the past 4 years then you have heard and maybe even laughed at me about this card.

Back when this card was in the daily rewards, and there was also no Reverse Speed ruleset, I was buying them all up for $0.01 each!

My goal was always to get 1000 of them, because it was one of the only cards in the game with Heal at level 1!


As mentioned above this was before the "Reverse Speed" ruleset, and I still thought this card was extremely valuable with 8 health and 4 attack with the heal ability!

So I stocked up and told everyone in Discord I wanted to get to 1000 even though they were $0.01 each.


I ended up getting way more than just 1000, but combined a lot of them to higher levels so they would rent for more...


However, the one thing that baffles me is that even though this card is one of the most used cards in Bronze/Silver leagues, it still is only renting for 0.10 DEC each... that is crazy!


If we compare to another card that is used literally in 9/10 battles in the lower leagues, which is the Unicorn Mustang, then we can see what potential we can have here for gauging rentals.

I know that the Unicorn Mustang is rare compared to the Sea Monster which is common, but if we take a look at their stats and usability, then it really does make the Sea Monster look extremely undervalued!


They are both the same Mana Cost, but the Sea Monster has higher attack with Heal compared to the Unicorn Mustang.

Now let's look at the rental prices for the Unicorn Mustang compared to 0.10 DEC rental prices for the Sea Monster.


That is over 100x the rental price!!

To me this is crazy to see, and especially when the For Sale price of the Unicorn Mustang is only 5x the price of the Sea Monster...



So this is definitely not investment advice, but I just don't understand why anyone would have their Sea Monster listed for 0.10 DEC rental price, while we have other things like the Goblin Thief renting for 5+ DEC each for just a level 1! (I was also laughed at for buying 100+ of these for $0.01 each)



None of us can predict the future, and I am sure everyone has their reasons for why they list/rent for the prices they do, but I really do feel like the Sea Monster is one of the most undervalued cards in the game!

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and let me know other cards you would like me to compare and review as well!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial or investment adviser, and this is not financial or investment advice.


law of supply and demand, there's like 17k+ sea monster to be rented, unless a bot farm decided to utilize it, the price won't go up :D

69441 / 13471 = 5.15

out of 678k standard bronze battles, it was only used 462 times and have an impressive 56.5% Winrate while Unicorn mustang was used 87277 times with 51.7% winrate.

Bots be slackin 🤦‍♂️

I frickin' cringe when I go up against this card....

Nightmares of it lol


I will send you one brother as a gift... What is your SL name?

Oh snap....I'll never say no lol

Thanks man....IGN is same - jongolson

Gotcha my brother just sent!