Are You Not Entertained | A New Bloodlust Rule

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Finally I came across the new rule added to the splinterland battle which was named Are You Not Entertained which allow an extra gladiator in the normal ranked battle, even though the name sound funny, it is really nice having this new rule, it was mentioned in one of the annoucement that we will be having such rule anytime soon and this will really give more advantage to anyone using the new soulbound gladiator summoner because they will be able to make use of two gladiator monster cards in this kind of battle, imagine having this rule during one of the guild brawls, it will be more entertaining and I'm really waiting for that moment.

This is my first battle where I came across this rule and it was with Liamcam in a 54 mana capped battle here we can only make use of fire, life and death element and we were given 3 rules, Are you not entertained, Going the distance which allow only range monster cards and lastly ferocity which give all monster card the fury ability which allow them deal double damage to any taunt monster card. Based on the rule, we have only one option to use range cards and with all the element given, only fire element have the most satisfy range cards in my collection, since range cant attack as a frontline except they have the close range ability and luckily for me I have up to 3 range with such ability. First of all I picked Jack as my summoner based on the abilities which are quite useful then I select my cards according.

First of all, I picked Drybone raider which have both melee and range attack and it can deal double damage based on the ability, since it is available, I decide to use it as my frontline then I use gargoya devil, lava launcher, molten ash golem, countess sinach and lastly sarius as my backline since it is a gladiator cards and there is no sneak ability attached to range cards yet in fire element so it is really saved there except my opponent use any scattershot ability. I was satisfied with my setup so I submitted my battle and I was surprised when my opponent used the same summoner but with lower level cards which really reduce his chances.

He really have a good setup he even use ash mirage to reduce my range attacks, and also put tinderlock with the last stand ability as it backline incase. The match started but with my speed and scattershot, it wasn't what he expect, I was even able to destroy both his mirage and tinderlock on time just to clear my winning hope and I destroy all his monster cards with mine still intact. It was really a flawless battle.