Full Reflect Battle | Buffing It Up With Amplify Ability

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It time to drop another battle I came across this week that look like a banger to me and this time around it is one of the rare battle I actually came across since I start playing this game and I decided to tag it the full reflect battle because it consist of all the returns abilities in a single match. Among all the abilities we have 3 reflects abilities which include the Magic reflects which deal reduced damage back to any magic cards that it hit it, Thorns which deal damage back to any melee attackers and Return reflects which deal reduced damage back to any range cards, having this kind 3 abilities all together is really a banger, just like a bomb and I decided to do just one things in return, buffed it up with an amplify ability.

I was having my battles as usual when I came across the rule during one of my battle against gworlon in a 36 mana capped match and we could pick from any element except water and life and we have this 3 rules, briar patch which give all monster cards the thorn ability, close range which allow range cards to attack as a frontline and lastly fire & regret which give all cards the return ability, I was wow at first when I saw this rules, I know we both will want to avoid using melee or range cards this time around and we have only magic as our best option. Since we have death element on the list, I decided to surprise my opponent since I know what he might use, so I use this owster rotwell, a death summoner with the magi reflect ability just to complete the equations. I decided to use 1 melee which is the Harklaw, 4 magic cards which are djinn muirat, venari bonesmith, venari spellsmith with the amplify ability and Magi necrosi with the camouflage ability and lastly one range card which is the xenith archer.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 22.22.37.png

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I really predict his movement but he went ahead to use this latest dragon summoner Lily which have this camouflage ability and this even give me more chance to focus well on one summoner at a time and with the strategy that I use, there is no way he could escape what I set for him, and it was really a wrap and I won the match flawlessly.