When You Took The Wrong Setup | The Consequences

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I had one funny battle today when trying to grind up my rating today, it was really funny and somehow I could predict what my opponent will be bringing on board, the rule was somehow tricky and as the same time really obvious not to use that certain thing but I think he decided to neglect that one rule with the hope that I might not use my strongest monster cards in the battle. The rules given were Equal opportunity which give all monster card the opportunity ability, Aim true which make all attack to hit their target and lastly the Brlar patch which give all monster cards the thorn ability which deal damage back to any melee attackers.

With this 3 rules, even if it give melee attackers the ability to attack from any position, the thorn ability is a trap to it, seeing this rules and the 53 mana given, and also we could picked from water, earth and dragon, If I picked dragon linked with water, I will surely use more melee which is a bad idea, so earth was my only option since I have obsidian which can buff the magic attacks so I picked that, and I use Alvar as the only melee attack here because of the strong amour and also the void amour which look cool to me and I decided to fill up other position with magic attackers like Mycelic slipspawn, centuari mage, prismatic energy, put venari marksrat in between because of the martyr and made kron as my backline since the lvl 3 has the last stand ability.

What amazed me was that he didnt use any sneak attackers lolz which is really good for me, and I intention was that he should destroy my markrat on time so it can unleash the martyr ability which happened. The battle was a tough one but using magic cards really upped my chances, but he really use strong monster cards and was able to destroy most my cards and even last longer than I expected but at the very end, I won the battle.