Buy splinterlands card & account

in #spt5 months ago

hi guys i want make this post for after splinterlands change there way of reward so now ppl need to stake there card to get up in lvl. so some of you may want stop playing this game, i want you to know i think this is a god for ppl who invest but not that god for new player or ppl who dont have the money!.
you can use my bot sevice, so you dont have to play.

or you can selling your emtyp account with spellbook to me under 10usd

i also want to buy normal beta/alpha/orb/untame/dice & gold card lvl 1 to lvl 3 burn+105%

i belive in this game long in the long run so i buying up, as long i can bot i kep buy all up, i like

the idle game play.

dm me vcdragon
or join in my discord.

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