Data-USB - the MONO player?!πŸ‘€

in #spt β€’ 5 years ago


I'm back to posting! Well, A rather out of the ordinary reason made me write this post.)

Because I met this one:


As you can see this player gaming since June 2019 - so he started not long ago...
And... He (she? ..USB - it?)) just fled the battle ( this one)

..only because there were no Life Splinter allowed into that battle!)

I was wonder - why? Because I saw his early playing preview deck before confirmed the battle with ...and there were only the Life Splinter battles.

So I go to Data-USB collection and found the fact that the deck is most of all is from the Starter Pack cards... exept Life Splinter - only look at this!


Haha - What is the reason to pump only 1 Deck to play! It's funny to me, and you?) πŸ˜†

Good luck to you - try your best in the game and find the balance for the comfortable play!

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