My second time participated in the tournament and some progress!

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This is my second tournament in Steam Monsters,
I wrote about the first one this post: The first time participated in the tournament and have lost!).
And although I did not win a prize in this tournament, but I have some progress - compared to the previous one, I even managed to win the qualifying round. But first things first.
It was Kobold Mining Expedition (NLS)


In the qualification, I met with @ roki112 and he was very gallant two times in a row he lost to me:

I'm just kidding! Of course, I think that he wanted to win, but he did not succeed. Here these two interesting battles:


My Zintar Mortalis reduced him 1 Melee attack, but his Mushroom Seer reduced mine Magic Attack ... not for long - my Snipers wasted it very quick - and then he has gone.


And this is an interesting battle, where I won with a 3 Rare Cards & one Common Creeping Ooze against his Legendary cool card of Frost Giant and an Epic card Mischievous Mermaid.

In both battles I was greatly helped by the Creeping Ooze - I had the advantage in Speed.

I don’t even know if I should be told how I lost both battles in the next round ...
Although my opponent took 3rd place in this tournament!


First he won "Target Practice" Battle because he have Ruler Of The Seas card and I don't have:

And the second battle "Back to Basics" рe also won with four cards, none of which I have - these are very cool cards.


So, I played in a tournament with seventy-seven players and took the thirty-fifth place. My opponent who defeated me won third place. And this means that I played with a very strong rival! And he has the best cards.
But as my second battle in qualifying shows, this is not necessary and you can win with some simpler cards (sometimes).

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!


Great many time i do participate and i lose because my card os not so much good

But besides cards, tournaments are taught to play, but they push you to invent different combinations. Somehow in rank battles it does not seem so demanding.

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