New Steem Monsters Battle Rule "Keep Your Distance" - ok, I'll keep!

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As usual, I publish a post about new Battle Rule: Keep Your DIstance : Monsters with Melee attack may not be used in this battles.

And first of all - yes, I want to draw attention to the icon.
I did not find the point in the original one, so I designed my own:

This is more consistent with the rule and as if shows that Melee are not allowed.

The original (for example & history; who knows maybe the developers will change it to mine))

So what we will have - no Melee Tanks and no Sneakers... Melee Sneakers.
'cos for now we have the Goblin Sorcerer - the Magi Sneaker
& new Promo Card - Dragonling Bowman - the Dragon Splinter Sneaker with the ranged weapon.

And for the first place of tanks we will see the monster cards with a lot of HP or with the shield,
The most Common card for it is the Peaceful Giant, and the Legendary Lord Arianthus in Neutrals monsters.
I think that we will see the Epic Phantom Soldier of Death Splinter and Elemental Phoenix of Fire Splinter on the firs places (for the more rich players).

Maybe anybosy read my post - any interesting thoughts in comments here?

...and if you still out of the game so...

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!


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