What a nice surprise I saw logged into the game!

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I want to tell you about the extraordinarily pleasant surprise that awaited me today, when I logged in to the game:


Yes, it is the Legendary card Frost Giant @steemitmonsters

Thank you, the @steemitmonsters a lot! This is not just a new card for my deck, but also a legendary one!

I received this card thanks to my participation in this promotion - I just told in my commentary what my favorite legendary card (you can read it there)
Steemmonsters Legendary Card giveaway #4 Free to enter [No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow]

So the rules of his giveaways are very simple and cute:
1 ) He complete my steemmonsters daily quest
2 ) He add together the value of the cards that he get and then divide the value in half
3 ) then he go on steemmonsters market and find a card to giveaway to you guys for that value.

And no - the @steemitmonsters is not official game account. Do not confuse with @steemmonsters. And they can be easily distinguished, as the @steemitmonsters did not put the avatar, instead of it is a default blank from Steemit (in my opinion it would be nice to replace it with interesting avatar; if you don't know - and do not play the
Steem Monsters, mine is from my favorite Summoner of the Dragon Splinter - Daria Dragonscale!).

Here, you can compare:

And in general - the game Steem Monsters (now also referred to as Splitnerlands) is not only a game on the site of card battles and collectible. But also a good, kind community on the Steem blockchain and its blogosphere. And I wrote about this a couple of months ago in this post:
Do you know how wonderful the Steem Monsters community is!

Good luck to you - try your best in the game and in the giveaways!

Join the Steem Monsters if you still have not!


I am glad that it's a new card for your collection :)

Also yeah I should get myself a profile picture, so it would be easier to identify me from the steemmonsters official account.