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Stablecoins are all the rage at the moment as decentralized finance lifts the tide on most digital assets. However, if you're buying a stablecoin, you want it to be trustworthy.

That's where Pax Dollar (USDP) comes in. As, quite possible, the most regulated stablecoin available today, you can rest assured that it is well and truly 1:1 backed by real assets.

Now, you can get your hands on USDP at accountless crypto exchange. makes it easy to buy USDP with your favorite cryptocurrencies — all without requiring time-wasting verification procedures.

Jumping on a wallet full of USDP is essential for today's decentralized finance landscape. Here's how you can buy USDP stablecoins instantly and without an account at

  • Go to — select the cryptocurrency you will use to exchange, then enter your USDP wallet destination address and the amount to be exchanged.
  • Enter a refund address for the cryptocurrency wallet you are exchanging from (ie. if trading with ETH, enter an ETH wallet address).
  • Send cryptocurrency to the transfer wallet address.
  • Boom! will automatically & securely send USDP to your destination wallet.

To protect you and your digital assets, is built to protect your security while enabling you to join the decentralized finance movement. No private keys are ever required when you use instant crypto exchanger!

There are quite a few stablecoins out today — what makes USDP global currency special? Here's what you should know.

Paxos Standard Is a Stablecoin With Deep Credentials
Tether (USDT) catches a lot of heat for being unforthcoming about whether it is well and truly backed 1:1 by USD in reserve.

Pax Dollar, in contrast, is very transparent about their financials, something that is both refreshing and done as a commitment to stay on the right side of strict compliance measures.

Rather than hold their backing dollars in reserve in offshore accounts, the Paxos team has chosen to keep reserve funds domiciled in FDIC insured US accounts that are regularly audited by third parties.

This deep commitment to regulation in the public eye has helped the USDP stablecoin gain a reputation as a trustworthy digital asset for instant, global transactions where volatile cryptocurrencies fall short.

Pax Dollars Are a Global Standard & Are ERC-20 Compatible
Here's the brilliant thing the Pax Dollar team did when developing USDP stablecoins — they built the digital currency on Ethereum's blockchain.

They must have seen the #DeFi revolution coming because Ethereum is now the de facto home base of tomorrow's financial institutions and technologies.

So, if you currently hold Ethereum or any other Ethereum-based digital asset, then your USDP stablecoins will work seamlessly in the same wallet.

Pretty convenient, right?

All that's left is to load up on PAX stablecoins to protect your crypto market gains without leaving the blockchain. Exchange USDP and much more at, the world's most trusted instant crypto exchange that never requires an account to use.

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