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Buenos dias a todos, bienvenidos al sorteo de STARBITS del dia de hoy, hoy sortearemos 10000 STARBITS.

Good morning everyone, welcome to today's STARBITS giveaway, today we will raffle 10000 STARBITS.



•Comenta tu usuario de Rising Star (Incluye el @)

•Upvotes, Reblogs, Follows y Tips no son requeridos, pero en caso de querer darlos lo agradezco!

•Usaré el selector de comentarios HiveTools para determinar el ganador.

•El ganador se elegira 7 dias luego de la publicacion de este post.


•Comment your Rising Star username (Include the @)

•Upvotes, Reblogs, Follows and Tips are not required, but in case you want to give them I appreciate it!

•I will use the comment selector HiveTools to determine the winner.

•The winner will be chosen 7 days after the publication of this post.

Mucha suerte a todos! | Good luck to everyone!

Tag List
(Si no quieres que te arrobe dilo en los comentarios/ If you don't want me to tag you, say it in the comments)

@daethical @blitzzzz @gessy @lorddiablo @olaf.gui @alexis666 @alexisgr93 @middle-earthling


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Count me in please! @lorddiablo 😊

Count me in

IGN @olaf.gui

Count me in, please.

Count me in again 👍🏻 Thanks! @blitzzzz

Count me in please!
My Rising Star username @ieronimus
Good luck!

Please count me in. Thanks