So Low: A Star Wars Story

in #starwars5 years ago

I love Star Wars... most of them. Traveling across universe is so seductive that you can easily find yourself enchanted by the futuristic technology, epic battles and unbelievable adventures. But Star Wars was always more than this – great characters in an intricate story of one family and people they meet along the way. I would put it closer to Balzac’s novels or ancient tragedies than fleshy ride through galaxy. But sadly, not this time.


It starts with lot of action and little bit of back story of Han Solo but the longer it goes, the more is obvious one thing… lazy writing. Let’s look to a few examples – the bad guys are so naïve, they aren’t even trying and if you ask why is Han acting the way he is, you will find that he is as deep as average koi pond. Robots are usually the funny part of Star Wars series but this time they stick to the script so obviously that there is no moment of surprise – illogical robot that fights for robot rights because fridge desires nothing more than have a right to stay open (because she is cold). Especially the ending is so lazy that only surprising thing about it is that they really filmed it. Don’t ask about motives of any character because you may be the only one doing it. So long, logic.
The positive side of this movie is its visual style, action scenes and I also liked a joke or two. I would prefer to watch it on mute though and imagine what it could be if not only money machine.
My score: 3/10


What would you say to Chewbacca if you ran into him?

"Whaaar arrraaar whaaa" - that is in Wookiee, they don't speak english that much :)

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