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Don’t we all wish to build high-performing decentralised applications and have lots of people using our DApps? Well, one of our listed DApps on State of the DApps, QuikNode, offers a useful solution to developers: Running your own Ethereum node. Sounds exciting right? Let’s dive into how that works exactly.

What is QuikNode.io?
Developers are building decentralised faster and faster nowadays, and one of the main needs for this is to run your own node. But running your own node can take a lot of time and effort. The infrastructure offered by QuikNode provides you with your own Ethereum node with just a few clicks on their platform.

How does it work?
QuikNode does not require you to use public shared nodes, it provides you a dedicated node. Why is that better? Because, public nodes have a heavy load of users, which slows down the whole process and the experience. Thus, QuikNode supports all mainstream networks. The experience is optimized with:

  • Dedicated Node *: With the use of dedicated nodes helps you increase performance for your blockchain queries as it’s only taking queries for your DApp.

  • Multiple Zones *: QuikNode supports 8 different Zones. That helps in optimizing networks call time which boosts speed and performance for your DApp.

  • Multiple Testnet Support *: QuikNode support almost all famous ethereum testnets. That gives immense flexibility to a developer by testing application on their preferred testnet.

  • Archive Nodes *: QuikNode provide Parity archive nodes too. An archive node keeps full copy of blockchain ledger in comparison to full nodes who may do pruning for obvious infra reasons. This is very important feature for businesses benefit from blockchain analysis and research. You can learn more about QuikNode archive nodes here.

*Reference of definitions

What about Security and Privacy?
Security is a priority. As a user of the engineers of the platform will help you with security concerns, the team is there to assist you when needed. Also, utilising HTTPS and WSS to increase the security, thus, users are not tracked and their nodes are accessed through a link solely shared with them, therefore, removing user login for accessing their nodes.

QuikNode Wallet
Also included with your Node is a standalone Wallet web-app. The interface is a fork of the popular MyEtherWallet. Using the integrated QuikNode Wallet, you can do things such as sending Ether and ERC20 tokens, signing a transaction, generating a raw transaction, or buying an ENS domain — which helps both power-users (for interacting with the blockchain) and developers (for testing and smart-contract deployment).

Projects Using QuikNode

The team at QuikNode continuously monitors updates relevant to your node and applies them automatically. Their engineers also watch for forks and take actions accordingly to safeguard users. This helps save a lot of time to developers and to build a trusting relationship between projects.

Get Started!
Visit QuikNode.io and register — it takes only a couple of clicks to get started!

At State of the DApps we are always looking for resources and new tools to help developers build decentralised application. If you have such a project, don’t be shy and reach out to our team!

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