The Splinterlands effect

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@Splinterlands has finally made the move from Steem to the Hive blockchain as transaction storage for their gaming platform.

Of course, this has a huge impact on both blockchains.

On the Hive blockchain:

And on the Steem blockchain:

This means that since today, Hive has recorded 16% more transactions than the Steem blockchain! And in my opinion, it will not stop there.

Another big change it brings is in the type of transactions that are recorded in the Hive blockchain. Last month, we had this type of graph:


The main activity of the blockchain was therefore a curation activity. but since yesterday, that has changed drastically:


We can see a big boom in the number of recorded "custom_json" operations (+280%).

For those who do not know, "custom_json" operations are often used by third parties applications developed on top of the Hive blockchain.

This means that a "Business" type activity develops in addition to the social activity specific to the Hive blockchainHive blockchain. This is really good news and I can't wait to see more and more (d)Apps like @splinterlands joining our ecosystem!

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Splinterlands has made the right decision! It is tough to make a transition like that so I understand the time it took to do it right.

Gaming and the blockchain go hand in hand and it is GREAT to see this fun game find its home here.

It will be interesting to see how those lines progress on the STEEM and HIVE transaction charts.

Thanks for reporting on this good news!

Yeah, I'm glad they finally did it. Indeed, not an easy move when you a big userbase.

What is the total transaction count for each of the two pie chart graphs?

Adding up the numbers next to the different transaction types in the pie chart photos:
1st pie chart total transactions number is 316,739
2nd pie chart total transactions number is 433,064

That's a 36.7% increase.

Important to note, this does not include the complete numbers, since only the numbers for top 10 transaction types are given in each photo. But, still a good estimation, because the top 10 makes 99%+ of the total, looking at the pie chart.

More importantly, the difference of the totals is 116,325, while the difference in custom_jsons is 101,844.

So, assuming that ALL the additional custom_jsons are coming from splinterlands - that is probably not true -, splinterlands is responsible for 87.5% of the increase in transactions, and the other 12.5% is an increase for other Dapps.

Assuming that custom_jsons increased by 12.5% without splinterlands (same rate as the rest of the chain), splinterlands is responsible for 97,927 new transactions, or 84% of the new transactions.

Taking into account the transactions of type "transfer" made to buy splinterlands cards off the market, or even of type "vote" (for example all the votes on the splinterlands annoucement post that they're moving to hive) should also be done, but this comment is becoming too long and it wouldn't change the result by much.

Looks like @marki99 made the most elaborate answer I could have made.
I should hire him as a CM 😆

The statistics are good - I hope by the end of the year we will have many applications like splinterlands

I share this hope, and I work to make it more than hope but a reality 😉

Exode is coming! Its a very promising game in alpha with a $8 to $15 starting cost. I can provide more info (and a referral link if you are planning to join so you can get some bonus packs). Escape a space station before its destroyed and create a colony. Deck Building / Strategy / Management type game.

I believe Holy Bread has also (or will soon) make the move to HIVE.

The future is bright!

All good news to see that more and more (d)apps are planning to switch to Hive.

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It is great news.
Thanks for sharing

You're welcome @lokiie

Quite interesting :D

Long live Hive !

Very relevant information !!!

retweet -

The only reason why Steem has any transactions at all is because some of are still trying to dump Steem (that wasn't stolen, I have many alt accounts)

And some people are shit posting trying to squeeze out the last rewards while their followers power down.

And surely there are also many that are generated by wandering bots.

I love this trend! Thanks for sharing the information @arcange

You're welcome @resiliencia

Really happy about Splinterlands moving to Hive.

Hive on, boys and girls!

Splinterlands is now on a launchpad to the moon!

Congrats on the move to Hive and so thankful of your decision to do so!

We were waiting for them 😜

Thanks for sharing this! Its really neat to see this kind of statistics. I'm curious how it will look at the end of the month when things have stabilized more.

See you in a month 😉

Thanks for teh visuals @arcange! seeing those json's is great. looking forward to dApps and inparticular Hive blockchain gaming putting the number of custom json's on top as the #1 transaction type. It has a ways to go but I believe we'll get there with gaming 👊

That is great news. I really hope it contimues to do so.

Thanks for the report @arcange! Since yesterday in my observation, each card change the price! LOL, a bit expensive now! Good for me I have other cards to sell, others I gave to my wife @arrliinn! Hahaha... ( ^_^ ) I owe her 6 or more Steem! LOL

After Nextcolony I am ready for a new game. Nothing too complicated but a skill based game you can play when you have time with some investment/return included.

Hopefully more games like the ones you like will come to Hive

News update from the team, we are in the new era.... hiveisalive

I am very happy about this. Love both hive and splinterlands!

Great to know about it, Hive On

In the end the move was good for him, I would like to play this game, I will have to put in time to have if I give myself this pleasure.

This is definitely a huge move for hive. We hope for more adoptions

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Shoutout to splinterlands

Great analysis! Really interesting.

Ok, so this answers my question I had a few minutes ago about Hive and splinterlands. Makes its easier when thinking about divesting from Steem. The games were the main reason I was staying on.

Do dapps need to buy hive?

It depends on how they work.
Either the apps broadcast its own transactions, then it needs RCs -> HP -> staked HIVE to do so.
Or that's users who publish transactions through the app's front-end or API, then it's up to the user to have enough RCs and might buy HIVEs