SteemHunt decides to steal tokens from users

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In a recent post by @SteemHunt on Steem, they have come out and said they are going to steal HUNT tokens from people who received them in the past.

Currently the list of users they stole tokens from are:

  • roelandp
  • netuoso
  • ausbitbank
  • therealwolf
  • followbtcnews
  • stoodkev
  • themarkymark (and his alt - buildawale)

BuildAWhale was added shortly after I managed to transfer 10K tokens out (the daily limit), they immediately blacklisted that account as well stealing 77K Hunt tokens.

Steem has truly become the place where nothing is safe and stealing tokens is the new thing to do.

In their post, they claim they need to steal Hunt tokens from these users to protect the community. They don't go on to explain how stealing Hunt tokens from users protects the community, or answer comments that ask this direct question. Instead, they are handing out 100% downvotes to comments who question their motives using Steemit Inc delegation.

They have a poll you can vote on inside of SteemHunt, which is dominated by SCT commmunity voting for stealing these tokens.

In fact, as I was the only one voting against it until they saw that and froze my buildawhale account.

Any tokens you own that have any connection to the Steem blockchain are at risk of being frozen and stolen.



Why would they steal from a cute bunny? Those monsters!

For real though, steemhunt has always been scammy, and I never even considered owning any of their shitcoins for that reason.

Shitty reviews of products most reviewers haven't used. Most of the times, they aren't reviews at all.

STEEMHunt has always been cancerous, they suxx on every level.

  • Bad Payment for tremendous work
  • Bad Actors by frauding numbers
  • Switching around between chains and company goals by comparing posts written in different languages
  • And the last one: always kneeling for J. Führer Sun


I wouldn't say they were scammy, but they most definitely strived for money.

I mean that is ok if you wanna keep your company going forward but their current modus operandi will cost them a lot.

If you define "scam" with intentions in mind, then you may be right as I can't know theirs. And there are plenty of people striving for money but add value for others who enjoy their product or service. Steemhunt never added value, but instead took it from the reward pool to enrich themselves and spam networks, which is why I considered them scammy imo.

Well they have added some value, at least if compared to dlike. Dlike did nothint while ended up having decent support. Guess we were despret haha

The only platforms that actually added value are those who migrated to hive.
Except splinterland, not sure if they're migrating.

I have a feeling Splinterlands will migrate once hive-engine is complete and other tooling is in place to make the move seamless.

I actively encourage people to leave a review on Trust Pilot, write blog posts and ensure their reputation is updated to reflect their new scammy ways. Just when you thought the Steem blockchain couldn't get any more pathetic, Justin's delegated lapdogs find new creative ways to make it worse.

I went and left them a bad review on there when I first read about it lol

This cannot end well for JS/Tron/Steem!

No one serious about blockchain tech is going to build a Dapp for a centralized platform unless he is willing to be under Justin's control.

I think the first clue for me something was wrong was when they approved a product that shot out a 4 watt laser beam. I questioned the moderator why that didn't count as a weapon violating the guidelines and provided links to show how dangerous a 4 watt laser was to human eyes and skin. The moderator brushed off my concern.

Then they approved a perpetual motion machine on kickstarter which SURPRISE turned out to be a scam....Then they approved another perpetual motion machine scam.

Then they approved a drone with a flamethrower. I guess at least you can theoretically outrun a flamethrower on a drone while a laser beam blinds and burns your skin at the speed of light.

I used to post regularly on steemhunt, even vouched for them because I believed in what they were doing, the project is flawed and they never got rid of spammers nor had the will to do so. Bad, Bad for them, they took the wrong road. Regards champ!

They actually went out of their way to support the spammers.

It's disgusting what's happening on steemhunt. How could anyone sink so low?

But they are losing the poll... lol


I'm sure they will muster up enough support to justify stealing tokens. Even if they lose the poll, I wouldn't count on getting the tokens unlocked. They want to take them, they will take them, just in spite.

So those idiots locked them up and then they asked the community what they think. Steem is bs full of bitter morons.

It's more to give themselves deniability.

Too bad this is happening. I guess that they are so hurt that they are trying to find every option to hurt the Hive community.

And As you say they can take the tokens but that at the end that will not be good for them... They'll just sink deeper...

Where can one sell their tokens?

They are ERC20 tokens, so once you have them in an ethereum wallet, you can do what you want with them.

Probit exchange has HUNT/USDT trading pair. They also have HIVE/USDT trading pair.


Are the tokens worth much?

$0.0026 each when I sold them. Got $5 for my 2,000 tokens.

Thanks. Not even worth risking my posting key for that. They have shown they cant be truster

To be honest I never really got the concept behind Steemhunt. I've looked once or twice and can't see anything worthwhile on the site it just seems to be copy and pasted ads. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is a great platform if you like to spam and plagiarize for easy rewards.

I was trying to be kind but yes that is exactly what it seems to me.

Steem has truly become the place where nothing is safe and stealing tokens is the new thing to do.

Hive too! See @steemchiller

No one stole anything from him, he never had Hive to be stolen. How could you steal something he never had? And why would anyone give free tokens to someone who voted for fake witnesses who did a hostile takeover on Steem?

@steemchiller didn't premined the STEEM he earns. He still supported a majority of consensual witnesses.

Imagine that YOU would have been excluded from Bitcoin Cash airdrop because you just supported SegWit and the Lighting Network...

Did Segwit and lighting network actually attack and take over BTC network or did they just peacefully forked in their own direction?

Imagine it was you... Imagine the Hive's governors (you are one) decided not to airdrop to those who abused of bidbots...

He still supported 26 (of 30) witnesses of the community.

The Hive fork was all but peaceful.

Imagine if it was you, if the Steem owners decided to not airdrop you because the like bananas.

I can make silly comparisons too.

Not so silly...

That's a good reason to remove my (little) vote to their withness.

witnesses updated and disagreed in the Community Poll... Screenshot from 20200412 211923.png

This is becoming more and more crazy

Wow. Just crazy. I cannot believe how quickly things changed over there and people’s true colors were allowed to shine.

unbelievable, they should be ashamed. Especially if considering how much support they gained from the community. Will withdraw as soon as possible

it's really absurd to lock someone's coins for any reason.

If I bought the coins with my money, nobody can block them ... and do they call this decentralization? i am really shocked

At least their practically worthless!

$800 is $800.

yes fair point, I'm not saying it's not a big deal! It is disgusting what they're doing.

I'll make sure I'll get mine out. Stupid platform full of absolute shit posts.

I got my $5 out of it.

Also, is the market liquid enough to handle that? Or will you crash it to like $20?

I don't even know where the market is, lol.
It wasn't until I suspected they were going to try to steal the tokens I even looked at them. They have been sitting there since the initial airdrop.

Same here for me. Probit was what I used. Worked pretty well. Good luck with your school 10k tokens. With like $26 at current prices, and there’s an buy order out there for 12k HUNT at 0.0026 so you might be able to get that.

Tradable on daybit and probit. Daybit has hunt/btc pair but requires kyc while probit has hunt/usd pair without any need for kyc.

Steemhunt is a nice concept to have a blockchain version of product hunt but unfortunately, it was hijacked by spammers and abusers. I'm quite sure you will get your token. Some members of the community including myself pressurised them into making a poll.

As they go on making faults and taking wrong actions, they prove that people using Steemit need to find another way.
Alas for steemhunt, sad to witness all these childish things.

Wow, that's true shit !!

glad I withdraw my little 1000 tokens, but sorry for you..!

Wow. So short sighted .

So unless one has their tokens in ERC-20 wallet, they shouldn't vote against this community poll, else their tokens will be seized. Thanks for the alert!

I don't think that is happening, but considering how they are operating it is very possible. So far I have been the only one added to the list after the fact.

Nevertheless, I've voted in your favour and for now there are more votes for disagreement than for agreement. Let's see how it turns out in next 5 days. Good luck!


I wonder how many will not vote disagree out of fear of retaliation for disagreeing.

I suspect that is the case.

Only spammers and ass kissers will be afraid to disagree.

Really bad that things turned like this on Steem.

What an absolute circus this has all turned into! I'm sorry about your tokens... but more than that, I'm just sad to see the entire "dissent will be punished" climate that has arisen.

The spammers are having a field day, of course... not realizing that spam takes away value, and eventually anything spam based ends up having next to zero value. Sadly, I doubt they care since the M.O. of spammers tend to be more like a flock of locusts: When the supply runs out, you merely migrate to a different ecosystem and harvest that, instead.

This might be a little bit off topic, but I'm actually worried about my Splinterlands cards. I reckon they are both on the Steem blockchain as well as on the Hive blockchain, but everything that one gets after the fork will (I presume) still be on the Steem but not on Hive. That's why I haven't been playing Splinterlands for a while.

The pack tokens are fully on Steem, but anything in Steem Monsters is in their own database that is not on either chain.

I believe there will be an option to have your Alpha/Beta tokens on either Steem-Engine or Hive-Engine, but I am not 100% sure on that.

I hope they'll make a complete switch one day. It looks pretty bleak for every dapp trying to support both chains. Even DTube was eventually hurt by the JSteem.

I would personally feel very trapped if I was a Dapp dev on Steem trying to diversify to other blockchains..

I saw this yesterday and managed to pull all my tokens. Not a lot of value but at least they are mine now

Nope, they still have full access to the Ethereum contract. They can still fuck you

what about if you sit them on an exchange?

That be more safe

I doubt they have any scruple blacklisting exchanges too at this point. better sell for ETH imo

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This is ridiculous

Oh, that's horrible. Good that I dumped all my tokens long back. But the sad thing is that I bought Tron with the 50$ I got from selling my hunt tokens. This is not at all good.

Heh, powering up Tron is just helping him F us all from the other end.... we should withdraw as much support as possible, everybody all at once, right away. We will win.

Yes true but I bought them just when Justin acquired Steemit. I was having good hopes at that time. But now all fcuked up.

I knew steemhunt was a buncha bullshit lmao

This is why some people never like anything related to crypto. Gaining Easy access to someone elses fund is pretty bad. Why would steemhunt do that? I don't support shit. They really fucked up.

By their logic, burglars should conduct online polls before breaking into houses.

Once upon a time, I delegated to them based on their promise that their tokens would be convertible to SMT’s (that I could convert to Steem). That promise has died. I have zero knowledge of ETH, ERC-20, or how wallets work in that universe. My 19K HUNT tokens might as well be on the moon.

If you need help dumping the token, message on discord. @gentleshaid#1143

I am from Alberta in Canada and will happily provide witness testimony for a lawsuit. Please let me know if you need my assistance.

On the plus side, at least they aren't worth shit and never have been, still a damn shame to see more thievery on the SHIT platform.

All Steem and all tokens are being forced toward Hive. Every move these guys make just causes more people to leave there, sell their tokens and coins, and go 100% on Hive. I'm shocked that Hive hasn't gone up in the past couple weeks... in fact it continues to go down and down. Unreal! I wish I had funds to invest in Hive right now!

Fuck Justin Sun and everyone who thinks he has any place in this community.

Steemit is in a lot of trouble and I don't think anything good will come out of it anymore. They're saying a lot of ridiculous stuff over there too like that Hive is "the most centralized ever" and that the "E" in HIVE stands for "ethic cleansing".

Where can I sell Steemhunt tokens?

Not 100% sure, but I believe someone said Probit.

Daybit, probit. Daybit has btc pair while probit has only usd pair. Daybit requires kyc

These tokens were never enforced by the blockchain rules and the blockchain rules can be easily changed. There is not even a way to obfuscate who owns what because Steem is like Bitshares not like Bitcoin. Now, this has already been done with Steem Power and now Steem tokens itself. I don't think the current Hive witnesses would do this to me but what's to stop a future quorum of evil witnesses from robbing people at random on any bitshares like blockchain with hardforks?

These tokens were never enforced by the blockchain rules and the blockchain rules can be easily changed. There is not even a way to obfuscate who owns what because Steem is like Bitshares not like Bitcoin. Now, this has already been done with Steem Power and now Steem tokens itself. I don't think the current Hive witnesses would do this to me but what's to stop a future quorum of evil witnesses from robbing people at random on any bitshares like blockchain with hardforks?

You elect witnesses you believe will act in your best interests.

Thanks for your answer @themarkymark but experience tells me I can be poor at judging character.

Thanks for your answer @themarkymark but experience tells me I can be poor at judging character.

I guess that’s why they called HUNt tokens because they HUNT it down themsleves

I have to say, token stealing started on STEEM when witnesses froze Justin's stake.

There were good reasons and I am not looking to reopen that debate, but to expect no consequence from a group of people who want to build on a centralized blockchain is naive.

I am lucky to be a small holder of SP and will get away with my powerdown. However, witnesses who take action, freeze accounts and organize forks should expect to lose their STEEM holdings.

This is a war. Kings always stood in the front line in battles because they are the ones who declare the war.

Time to focus on HIVE now, try to get as many STEEM out as possible but consider it lost.

Super fantastic

Such disgraceful asians. Totally blown out with this.

This comment looks to be xenophobic to me.

Yea, it is.

Downvoted because you targeted a whole race.