1000 Accounts cost 3000 STEEM to make if you have no SteemPower!

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So here is a GIFT from BOOSTER!

If you have friends needing an account, claim one on us by using this steeminvite link:


What is this?

  • Everyone with SteemPower can create accounts for their friends.
  • SteemInvite.com is a tool to get the job done.
  • Booster has put in a bunch of accounts that can be claimed by you and your friends.
  • Works like a faucet.
  • After you have made account-name and saved your private keys we will sign them into existence with our ACTIVE KEY manually in a few hours or a day or something like that.
  • If we are serious about onboarding people, this is currently "the way" to do it.

    https://SteemInvite.com was made by @pharesim If we recall correctly, and works both ways - claim an account or give away an account, and even claim your FREE accounts that you may be entitled to (Will drain your RC by a lot)

    Political Disclaimer: @Booster think that Account-Creation cost too much in STEEM and in AccountCredits and would like to lower it from 3 STEEM burned per account to 0.001 STEEM per account and up the numbers 1000X on the the accounts claimed using RC and AC to allow a better flow.

    It would be nice if we could "invite the world" but under these rules we have a finite amount of accounts to give away, so do not be greedy but share them with those that need them!

    • We hope 100% of Steemians start making and giving away accounts - from one friend to another!

    Find a good name!


    Good Luck!

    PS: You are not entitled to a STEEM account, every STEEM account is paid for by someone using STEEM or RC/AC. FYI!


One of my friends wants to open a steemit account. I'll show him your post.

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if you already know what nickname he/she uses you can make the account and send the private keys to your friend so they can change the password and the keys in case your friend is slow and the faucet runs dry.

Thanks for this most interesting and generous offer...

Problem is people don't always want to be called by their nickname or artist name or real name, all my friends are "pinche mamones" and would most probably not accept being forced/baptized by me to a certain username... 😀


I do not understand how you use that link.
My friend's name is Rafi. I'm giving the username. Then it shows up. What to do there.


Just follow the step by step, actually, read the text.

@booster Hell of a Great Guy for Doing This......Merry Christmas

Thank you booster

that's amazing. Thank you booster

This is quite a great deal @booster. Thanks for adding value to Steem's onboarding process. We hope to gain mass adoption.

@booster you are top general of steemit platform you always doing your best for helping other keep goin as we knew you. Best regads

Thank you, regards!

@booster To succeed people appreciate the meaning and creativity people harvest so appreciate your efforts strenuous you are thankful and appreciated we have to appreciate you We have all the praise and appreciation to you

this is a cool idea.. FUR'd

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That is friggin great!
I secured two accounts for friends at work.
Hopefully they don't let me down. :)

Wow great post.thanks for sharing this post.

My friend had weeks trying to open an account ... this is the maximum :D ....Thanks @booster!

@booster i sent you a bid of 30 Steems but not recieved upvote back please refund me thanks

you should contact on discord Dear!

Hello @booster I sent 200 STEEM and got only half the upvote than you advertised.Lost 60% to 70% ROI.
Can you please fix this error?
Luks like your bot calculation was way off.
Here is the link https://steemit.com/life/@jpman/but-is-christ-really-your-king-jpman
Trust is Important for Future Buissness.

you should bid according to the requirement dear do not over bid

I am just learning to bid.If it was an overbid they should have refunded me back.I send the same amount-200ST to smartsteem.They very decently immediately refunded me saying they are full.Both-Smartsteem & Booster-had Refund Policy,but then why booster dint refund me if it was an overbid? Was it a mistake from their software?

Nah, that's not software mistake. Actually some bots has roi cap. when you cross the minus(-), it refunds. But booster has no cap on minus(-) neither on plus(+). So it won't refund even if you send 1000000 steem/sbd

Ok Thanks for the Guidance.I'll be careful nexttime.