WIN up to 33 STEEM! > let us know: What is YOUR BEST STEEM ONBOARDING TOOL?!?

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HEYA Steemians in the STEEMIVERSE out there!

It's your man, @roger.remix again with another Steem-Bounty. This one is less fun than the last one, but therefore even a more important one:

Please let us all know what's your favourite tool of choice to onboard Steemians - in the smoothest (& fastest) way!
Like this we hopefully make MISSION MARS: Project Mass Onboarding are real thing! - finally :)

I've funded the Bounty myself and I hope that you help it spreading through your #resteems & #upvotes if you like the idea and understand its educational purpose. I'd also like to see you engaging through commenting which tools do you prefer & WHY?!?

To give you some examples:

* OTHERS: please name!

* ...

The beneficary of this bounty will be the brandnew @steem-o-gadget account which I've created some days ago in the course of CREATING THE BEST STEEM ONBOARDING EXPERIENCE! - and providing you with the best tools, tips & tricks. This service is run by @imagenius which is the initiator behind the #imaginetwork. Soon you'll hear and know more about it. Stay tuned!

I hope to see a lot of interaction and helpful comments on this post .. and ideally also a higher payout than the promotion budget I've spent.

If you like the idea why not showing it through a STEEM POWER delegation to @steem-o-gadget or @imagenius using the Steem Power Delegation Manager from @yabapmatt. In the very soon future we'll also distribute parts of the payouts to the stakeholders and supporters. We'll keep you posted!

Sooo.. until then STEEM ON & GO FOR THE BOUNTY!

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If you want to help us moderating Steem Bounties and other community threads feel free to reach out to @roger.remix through Partiko or find me on TheInnerBlocks' Discord server.


See you here or on one of our next Bounties!! STEEM ON & GET DAT BOUNTY!!!

Peace out. #Roger

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For me, I'm setting for which is powered by @oracle-d

This is an instant account creation service that only cost $2 and you get a 15SP delegation.

Even more exciting is the fact that they created "invite" token on steem-engine which is equivalent to an account creation token. Thus, one can easily buy this token and exchange for a steem account without any stress.

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I only use the normal Steemit page and Steemworld. And then a few sides which vary from time to time.
For example, sometimes I use the Partiko mobile application to get notified when something is going on on my profile and in the browser, I like the design of busy so I try to get into it.

My favorite one is Account creation via steemworld. It helps me create many accounts for newbies

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's ideal if you have a large stake.

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My Steem Power = 24278.00
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

I'm new here. I'm still learning and goodness, is there ever a lot of little things to learn. Steem is a whole new tech planet that I've never experienced.

I started on after doing research online for social media that pays.

I was so confused and overwhelmed to start that I didn't do anything with my account.

Then, a couple months later I finally posted. With the help of many great Steamians and the especially amazing help from @toofasteddie, I found a little footing.

I use my cell phone to post (It's all I have) and found that was SO slow 🐌; it didn't feel inviting and this is mostly because of my personal limitations.

I kept getting comments about various platforms but, I really didn't understand what people were trying to say. Finally, I downloaded Partiko and, everything started making sense.

I suddenly put the pieces together about how Steem works. My brain was thinking too much along the lines of Facebook and Twitter but, that isn't at all how steem works.

I recall server sharing networks that were popular years ago and--- aha!!! That's it!! And, that's why there are different ways (platforms) to be a Steemian.

Partiko not only allows me to post, edit, vote, and browse much easier than the site but, the incentives and community is much nicer (for me).

If it weren't for Partiko, I'm not sure how long I would have lasted around here.

Now- you're stuck with me. 😊

Posted using Partiko Android

Partiko seems to be useful from what I've seen so far! I'm new here as well and luckily I've had a little bit of help getting my footing as well. It's definitely chaotic coming onto steem and seeing all the posts whizzing by on the new post page and seeing all the different topics on the trending and hot pages. It can overload your ideas and thoughts on the platform, for sure. After you begin to realize just how it works though, it becomes an incredible new learning journey. I just found out today how to better use markdown for example. I hadn't previously heard of markdown until steem and now I kind've like it's simplicity and ease. :) Glad you're going to stick around, despite having to post from a phone and it being harder for you to get your posts/messages out. It definitely seems like a place worth being, with a lot of potential. It also seems there is a strong community already instilled here, that has people who actually seek to help new members/users.

What a wonderful reply. Thank you for your support and great spirit!!

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I use my own resources to claim and sign up new users using steem-js.

But if the person has Github, a great and fast way to sign up is using (ok, seems the utopian signup page is down, sadly. :c)

Thanks a lot for the mention and the steem!! I use a few things in steem like @Partiko and @esteem for instant phone notifications and points, for people's information and steemd occasionally, @steem-bounty for bounties lol, for delegating over the recommended amount or to delegate with recommended amount, @actifit to get steem for steps and power up steem, @drugwars occasionally to try and earn steem by selling future tokens, @busy occasionally, @smartsteem and @minnowbooster to sell votes at 100%, @steemdunk and @steemvoter for auto curation there is probably more I have used in the past but can't remember like when searching for stats etc.

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I there are use and PALnet and ......
The most commonly used is PALnet and
When you use to creating account ,it better troublesome.

I personally like Steemworld. Quick, easy, no hassle and they don't have to pay anything. On me. 3 Steem, that's it. Not like some sites where it's $2.50 on up to $49.95. True, there is no delegation for the account but if that's all I'm doing is creating one to get someone on the chain - that's where I'm going.

None of the methods are easy to get an account. I have been on for some time and found it difficult at first and did a YouTube crash course in how to do what why and when. I use partiko as I find it the easiest for me personally however have not really gave the other apps much of a look as I am happy with the way this works for me.

Posted using Partiko Android

Just got my steemit account back so this post is very informative, this is the first i'm hearing about steem tools, i'm going to give some a try, hearing good things from partiko app and it seems to be compatible to my android device, plus you can earn steem, amazing.

Hello @roger.remix. This is easy. The absolute fastest and easiest way to onboard people is through, > you can have an account with a free 90-day delegation for just $2.50 and it takes less than a minute. Honestly. I have used this for a friends account and I was amazed and wrote a post about it!!
Check it out. It's fast and Simple. They also have a referral link (I didn't post mine for the sake of not wanting to look biased!) and if you sell through your site, you can charge whatever you wish for accounts and make a profit!

Personally I’d say steem ninja or blocktrades is the easiest way or rather let me say shortest way to getting a steem account, easy is a relative term so for now yes they are the easiest ways to get in

As for a on boarding outside the traditional steemit interface is have to say splinterlands has by far outstripped any dapp and sits second only to steem in on boarding new users, partiko used to do a good job but they’ve gone quiet over the last few months

Hola, amigo, gran abrazo desde Venezuela, pora mi mejor herramienta es steemit me ha permitido sobrevivir un poco a la crisis existente en Venezuela. Esta es una herramienta excelente, partiko tambien lo es pero no cuento en estos momentos con un buen teléfono inteligente para ponerla en practica. Dios te bendiga y gracias por tu apoyo.


Ha, damn dude. Thanks. That's my largest payout yet lol.

I guess Steemit is my preferred onboarding tool. I wasn't aware of the others when I joined a year ago or when I came back. I was also pretty confused trying to figure out the best places to post and what resources minnows actually had.

Now I have a couple places I can post to connect with people, like here and #SPT #PAL #BATTLE but it's definitely not easy for newcomers. I'm still confused about delegating (Who's the best/what rewards there are) or even if it's worth it for me and it still seems like there's plenty of neat features, bots, and groups I don't understand how to use.

If I had a complaint it would have to be the editor. It's extremely simple on this site. If there was another site/front end that had a full featured editor, advertised well, and onboarded easily I would never use the steemit homepage itself. I think that's where the potential lies for a better user experience.

Edit - I don't have a lot of SP yet but I delegated what I could. Keep it up mate!

My fav was till last week when stopped. Now, my favourite is cause you can help other people answering questions and you can get upvotes. It's a win-win

Nice post @roger.remix :)

I know that this bounty is over, but still I would like to comment , for educational purpose.

As I also talked to you about @steemhunt , you can get a free steemit account from SH as well; you need to verify phone number.

Below is the link to follow to signup for free to steemit.


I usually use because I can delegate SP to the account with that tool immediately after account-creation. One-stop-shopping, and all that.

What I recoomend depends on the device and connection. Si NCR I am a mobile blogger with a slow connection Partiko only works for me.
After that it's, the site not the app.
For some reason the app doesn't work/keeps loading. the same, all big no.

So I would recoomend Partiko also because of the extra's.
Steemit I use for its wallet.
After that I would recommend palnet.

The last two I never heard of.

Posted using Partiko Android

I love Steemworld to manage my activity. I use Partiko several times a day to earn points, I also upvote a few Actifit posts through their platform, since you can earn 3 AFIT for upvoting 3 posts. They also let you earn AFIT for editing your post on their UI.

I also like Palnet and Steemleo. I find myself using a variety of UI based on what I'm doing in the moment.

Well, for me it is quite easy actually:
In order:

  • I'm using Steemworld all the time for the cool features it provides (balance, payouts, mentions etc., & the delagation option)
  • Also, Steem Bounty - to look for bounties (if there are any suiting me), but also to set bounties
  • Smartsteem from time to time, if I need more content promotion

By the way, thanks for the mention!


Good question. But tuff at the same time. Because by this time everyone has got used to his own platform already, and everyone will say that is the best platform. I am mostly using Steemit and Busy. Mostly because I'm a PC guy. I like big screen, big keyboard... But if you look for new members, I guess most of them are using phone apps like Partiko. But for starters NeoSteem would also be a good choice. People also love gaming, so maybe Steemmonsters. You could also make a survey, how many steem members are using steemit on their phones and how many on PC (or both)

I like the steemmonsters style of doing it. You either buy a starter pack of steem monsters or win it for free or get it gifted from someone. I think the account also gets a small delegation.
There is the instant account creation by @bdcommunity, costs 1 steem

I know that it is super easy and quick with partiko, but that is already mentioned.

I normally put anyone who want to join Steem afresh through the interface, to me, I think it's the easiest and what they'll be dealing with as new comers instead of other interface.

Aside from that, I'll choose partiko too, for anyone who is conversant with facebook will surely find it easy and calm to comprehend when going @partiko app to create both an account and also enjoy an amazing yet familiarize similar experience.

My favorite tool is by @pharesim and https;// by @oracle-d both amazoing tools, steeminvite for if you have over 5k or so SP, invite steem ninja when you want to eb able to just delegate for an invite code

Initially when I joined the platform most of time I used only. Afterwards I come to know about @partiko and the day I state using it I m loving it.
I like to highlight some features like push notifications and you can control the amount of voting power you want to use.
Thanks for bounty.

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome contest. My favorite onboarding DApp of Steem is @Steemhunt. I do that often within 2 minutes for my steem invitees. I just learnt from your post that one can onboard new users via

Posted using Partiko Android

Send them to they have a sign up button that integrates a few different options.

I use this to award rewards for contests:

Similar tools are:


I opened my account from steemit.. But for my friend I used partiko for her account and it was quiet easy and quick.. I didn't try others still now.. So I will try those out...

I prefer Partiko because now a days people are more mobile friendly. A mobile app as similar as Facebook which can earn you some knowledge and free Cryptos is an easy sell.
Plus I get the benefit of referral.

hi @roger.remix

Interesting choice of topic :) Upvote on the way

One of the most complex tool to use is probably together with I'm also big fun of

I just tried to open your website ( and I received message that connection is not safe and I as recommended to close it. I figured that you may like to know that.


Bam and this is how You do it. Super helpful to new people.

Until this point usually I advice using Partiko to come in and onboard ;)

Posted using Partiko Android

Bonjour @roger.remix, j'utilise et parfois Ceci étant je trouve que les plateformes évoluent peu car il est, par exemple, impossible de mettre du texte en couleur ou de programmer une date d'édition future. Espérons que cela évoluera.
J'utilise également pour obtenir mon ranking (je suis actuellement 4.057ème et toi 3.053ème).
Bonnes vacances à tous les steemiens.

I've never tried others, bitcoin used to created mine and it's was awesome. I also like partiko, though I've never used it for account creation but the app is fast, easy to use and amazing on general

Posted using Partiko Android

I used steemit when creating my first account.
My second account was made with blocktrades :D

Posted using Partiko Android

I'd go for Steemhunt. I use that more often to onboard my friends to steem. With steemhunt, it is very quick and simple to onboard.

My favorite onboarding tool is of course @partiko. It has a more friendly Interface And it has partiko points wish rewards users for commenting, posting and even for upvoting so for me it's the best out there, it even has notifications that always nice so you don't miss anything. It has also a referal program so for all those things it's my favorite.

@roger.remix, In my opinion Steemmonsters and Steem.Ninja are very effective onboarding tools. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

I prefer using Partiko bcoz it gives you notifactions about your posts or comments and whatsoever on Steemit.

Well. is the best application as it is my driving panel in steemit world.

Posted using Partiko Android

Peace in and out pal

Upvoted and resteemed

I think that Partiko is my go-to tool, more so since it works well on nox I can thus write with a keyboard from my computer while enjoying the tools it offers.

Posted using Partiko Android

My prefer also for Partico, hear how much you spend that much you earn as a points. Later it converted to steem.

Posted using Partiko Android

I have followed and upvoted your post.

FOr sign-up i used steemit, it took around 11 days back then. Not sure how long it takes now.

These days i prefer steemit and to access my account.

Honestly I have tried word of mouth and signed up 3 guys.. too bad I didn't have enough SP at the time to keep them rewarded enough.

  • FREE: Sign-up via
    Its free, and sometimes very fast. It can be easily done if there is a cellphone, regardless of iOS or Android.
    Then you can show the friend how things works from a phone, easy to get a handle of.

Posted using Partiko Android

I am using @partiko couse user friendly for Android for me

Posted using Partiko Android

for unleashing full potential seems good choice

Oh I have forgotten ... upvoted and resteemed

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looks a bit cryptic to me @sipahikara 😉

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I have been using the Partiko iOS app but recently I have lost videos on there. As this happened I ran across PALNet & am using it more now.

Dear @roger.remix

I just decided to visit your profile and see if you're still active I don't remember seeing you around lately.

I really hope you didn't give up on Steemit yet. It has been quite a while since your last publication.

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Yours, Piotr

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