Steem Cartoon : My foreshortening


Foreshortening is a method used in the perspective of creating an illusion of an object that receds strongly into the distance or background. The created illusion looks shorter than the real object and makes it look compressible. This is the best way to maximize the depth and dimensions of painting and drawing. Foreshortening applies to everything drawn in perspective. These include buildings, landscapes and living objects.

In comic art, foreshortening gives more impact to the character especially when the character in action. Here are some of my favorite artist that good in foreshortening in their art.

Yuusuke Murata

yuusuke murata.jpg

Eiichiro Oda

eiichiro oda.jpg

Eric Canete

eric canete.jpg

Here is my drawing in foreshortening. Hope you guys like it. See ya! (^^;)/

pl 1.jpg

pl 2.jpg

pl 3.jpg

pl 4.jpg


Foreshortening adds dynamic feel when done right, and I think you did yours very well :) I enjoy the progress pictures, also ! :)

Thank you for your kind word @veryspider. I still need to improve.. :)

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Great job Rehan...

Heey nixe description of what foreshortening is! It is a very creative and accurate method indeed. Your drawing is great and the progress is amazing, the final result is very precise! Awesome job!
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Thank you @ailindigo. Thanks for the proposed to @celfmagazine. :)

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