Unofficial RSS for Steemit

in #steem-dev6 years ago

Hello Steemians! I saw a lot of steemians who are looking for RSS. There is actually no official RSS. I saw supports RSS feature but It doesn't have many features like for trending, hot, new posts and It doesn't get updated as well.

So, I made RSS feed that fully supports every features.

User Feed

Get posts from your feeds or others' as well.

Posts By Author

Get posts from your favorite steemian.

Posts by Tag

Get posts by Tag, you can get posts by new/hot/trending


All codes are available in github repository, so feel free to send PRs and feedback!

I like being able to create a feed by tag. very nice.

upvoted your post. do me a favor follow me for some cool stuff.

Hi Phillip thank you so much for your contribution! i would luv to use your rss. How and where do install the zip file to work?

please i need this,