Steem-Engine and Keychain Awareness

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There's another site that's apparently hacked or just started abusing people who hand over posting keys. These dicks are using the wesbite steemengine dot net. It's a little confusing because they have steemengine in the name, which is not the same as, similar to how John Doe is not the same as JOHN DOE and George Micheal is not the same as Micheal George. Punctuation, spelling, and web urls matters. All grammar matters.

Jokes aside-

The bad steem engine currently abusing people is steemengine.

The good steem engine trying to allow you to trade anything you want is

The bad steem engine asks you to input your keys.

The good steem engine encourages you to use steem keychain, and allows steem connect (STEEEEEMMMM CONNNEECCCCTTTTT) as a backup.

I strongly advise you to stay away from websites that ask you for your keys. Just like I'd strongly advise you to not shop at stores that ask you for your legal name, bank account, and passphrase.

If they need keys then i strongly encourage you to give them posting authority because that can be revoked.

Matt, I and Stoodkev built keychain so this kinda shit won't happen. Please use it, and for the love of god don't share your keys with websites.

to be clear nothing bad is effecting People are going to the wrong site and foolishly giving over their keys. I'm just providing a common sense warning.


I wrote about this last month and tried to let all the major players know about this

Glad you have finally taken notice

Too bad you didn't tag me. I currently deal with the majority of the hacking/phishing and run @spaminator/@mack-bot. Can you message me on Discord when you have a chance? GuiltyParties [.com]#5071

Exactly as this post says, there's been a lot of confusion over the last while with an old site that had the same Steem Engine name hacked or otherwise misused. More on this: ---- We are getting through all the victims as quickly as we can at the Steemcleaners discord. Please report over there if you are a victim:

wow, you are quick, we just discussed this on discord. Thanks loads!

I guess this shows that Steem-engine is in the big time. The fact that the Steem Engine name is being used for a scam shows that it is on the radar.

So I guess there is that.

Thanks for the warning.

steemengineteam is much older. I think they offered some kind of vote-for-vote services. Back then many people signed up and gave their posting authorities. That's why tons of old & inactive accounts seem to be part of the scheme...

I still find it funny that a bunch of them start to flock over to SC's Discord once the downvotes started flying.

People really need to keep track what they are upvoting.

honestly, it also took me some time to discover that I am voting on steemengineteam. Then it took me long to figure out why, and then another long stretch till I found out how to get out of it...
The sad thing is that they are using people who are not active anymore, so no way to reach them...

Dude idiotic move, that's why you register all the domains. This is all your fault! Lucky I didn't fall for it, but people will always mess up now! You should report them to the fbi or the SEC! This bad for steem-engine! Maybe there is some kind of domain black list to get them on?? You should sue them and get a lawyer to file charges for scam fraud!! You got the money!! Just posting a post about it here that will get lost instantly is not good enough!! You should probably change the name and get all the domains next time first!!

Thanks for sharing the the information...

Domain squatting is a pain!

FINALLY! I've been mostly alone downvoting this account and writing to people who upvote it. Thanks @aggroed.

And here is a good how-to by @luegenbaron, on how to check & change your posting authorities, and change your PW. Esp. the information about checking your posting authorities is quite important.

@aggroed, This update and Words Of Awareness is appreciable aspect. Stay blessed.

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Thank you for this warning post. It is so much important and appreciated.

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When I first installed Keychain, the extension, from a link given in discord, it ASKED ME repeatedly for different keys @aggroed. Seemed it was required by keychain to have all these different keys.

Then, I created a PW that I would remember. Everything was alright, except every morning when I came online, before I could post, upvote or comment, I was REQUIRED to login to keychain.
Then it got to where half the time it was as if I were typing in my PW wrong.

Seemingly random times during the day, if I had been away for a few hours, I would have to input a key, or my PW into keychain.

None of this smelled right to me, (quite possibly 'operator error' on my part)so I uninstalled it.

I think I WAS hooked up with both the good and bad steem engines, now I know the difference and the bad one is no longer bookmarked.

To be clear, the (to me) weirdness with KEYCHAIN is what made me change all my keys and everything.