I Know you have Steemit Questions or want Suggestions? Come get answers! Starts in 1.5 hours!

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Confused about how parts of Steemit work?
Want to know some details on the voting system?
Maybe something more personal you want to know?

We'll be starting in 1.5 Hours in Discord!!

Since I don't have the time like I did last year, I've not been able to answer every comment or question asked in posts, chats, etc. So this is your chance! This Wednesday, Jan 10th from 7-9pm CST (Thursday Jan 11th 1-3am GMT) I'll be in the the old Steemit Talk Podcast discord to answer any questions that you might have!

Click Here to enter the Discord Channel

I have no doubt I could easily be charging for things like this!
But I prefer to do it for FREE as a way to give back to the Steemit community!!

I'm Here to Help!

Last year I had WAY more time which allowed me to work one on one with people, or at least in smaller groups. But as I've had life obligations increase, I instead started trying to help new people by writing short, easy to understand guides, answer questions in Steemit chat as well as in the Team Girl Powa discord. But I know reading a guide isn't quite the same as getting direct answers and/or advice from somebody.

Even though there are tons of resources around whether the Steemit Faq, Steem Center Wiki, My Guides or guides of others available...I KNOW people still prefer direct answers to their questions.

I'm Donating Two Full Hours Just to Help fellow Steemians!

So this is your opportunity! Participants will get my undivided attention to ask questions about:

  • Any aspect of Steemit
  • What's changed over time on Steemit
  • Suggestions to be more successful on here
  • What images can you safely use (since you earn money from posts)
  • Post formatting issues or access to post templates
  • Getting started in Cryptocurrency Trading
  • or even things that are more personal such as my experience being transgender

I do plan to record the session and will repost it for others to listen to if it seems worthwhile. If people enjoy this sort of thing, I'll look to do more in the future.

A Few Credentials

I've been on Steemit since July 2016, seen the changes over time and constantly tried to help out new people to the platform. This includes (or included)

  • founded and ran the first newbie mentoring group called @steemprentice
  • co-hosted the @SteemitTalk podcast for over a year
  • helping out with the "Team Girl Powa" community in their discord
  • moderating in Steemit.Chat's #general channel
  • literally written dozens of guides for new Steemit users (see full list below)
    ..just to name a few.

While I won't say I know everything, I have built up quite a bit of Steemit knowledge. On top of this I have been doing some cryptocurrency trading for over a year and I also have my personal experience with being transgender (which I don't often bring up, but am comfortable discussing.)

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What's this Slider Bar and Vote Power Percentage? What's the Difference?

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❓Answering Common Questions: What should I write about? ✏️

❓Answering Common Questions: I'm getting frustrated...Are my Expectations too high? 🙍

❓Answering Common Questions: How do I Visually Spiff up my Steemit Posts? Are there any Templates available? 🎀

❓Answering Common Questions: Since I'm making money, What Images can I Safely Use? ©️

❓Answering Common Questions: What's the Difference between Steemit and the Steem Blockchain? ♨️

❓Answering Common Questions: How do I use Steemit.Chat? What does it do for me? 💬

❓Answering Common Questions: What happens when you Vote on a Post that's Past Payout? ☑️

❓SPECIAL Answering Common Questions: How can I get 1 on 1 Mentoring Help?👩‍🏫

❓Answering Common Questions: What is SteemTrail? 🐳

❓Answering Common Questions: How can I see who last Resteemed, Followed me or How much my Pending Payouts are?

❓Answering Common Questions: What are flags and downvotes? When should they be used? 🚩

❓Answering Common Questions: How do I spend money from my Steemit wallet? 💲

❓Answering Common Questions: What is @Randowhale? 🐳

❓Answering Common Questions: I've heard Steemit is Censorship Resistant, What does that mean? 🚫

❓Answering Common Questions: Can I voice chat with Steemians? Learn how and where to Discord! 🎤

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❓Answering Common Questions: What's this Promoted tab? Should I use it? ⏫

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❓Answering Common Questions: How do people align things? How do I get those fancy designs between paragraphs? 🎭

🎮 Attention Gamers!! How To Embed Your Live Gaming Stream directly into Your Steemit Post! 🎮

❓Answering Common Questions: What Tags should I use? 📛

!!SPECIAL!!❓Answering Common Questions: What questions do YOU have?❓!!SPECIAL!!

❓Answering Common Questions: Where's my payout going?!?! It's Going Down!! 👇

❓ Answering Common Questions: What is SteemitBoard? 🏆

❓ Answering Common Questions: What is BitShares? 💱

❓ Answering Common Questions: How can I explain voting simply to others? ☑️

❓ Answering Common Questions: What is Steemit Local Music Society? 🎶

Want your own Steemit Business Cards? Here are some FREE designs for you!

❓Answering Common Questions: Where can I get Steemit Help? Have you tried the Minnow Support Project? 💁

❓Answering Common Questions: Needing feedback on your posts? Try MSP-Workshop! 🆘

❓Answering Common Questions: What is Whaleshares? 💵

❓Answering Common Questions: Wow! Why did my payouts go WAY up? What's this hardfork I keep hearing about? 🍴

❓Answering Common Questions: What is STP (Steemit Talk Podcast)? 🎧

Why Newbies Should be Excited about the next Hardfork

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I'm sure it will help a lot of beginners, you are awesome!

Always helpful
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Thanks for wanting to help. I have gone through your various question and answer links and they are self explanatory and helpful. You area blessing.

@sykochica Thanks for the valuable info! I'm still a new member so there's plenty of information in your post that I found useful.

Highest Regards

Haha I wish I could join but by the time it starts, I'll be sleeping.. ehh, anyway good luck and I hope you help out a lot of people! :)

Thank you!
If this one goes ok...I'll setup another one on the weekend set at a much earlier time to cover those in the other time zones. :)

That sounds great!

I have had great help of your answering common questions articles so far so thanks for that!! Do you also know stuff about D-tube?

Thank you!
I haven't done much with dtube so far (outside of playing some videos)...but I plan to pick through it in the next week or two and put a guide up.

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But the entries of the people that answered your questions are helpful and intersting!

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Damn that is going to be the exact time I'm set to go meet up with some old friends tonight! Wish I could be free for this, but thank you anyone for helping people. I'll probably go back into the chat history to see if I missed any good info :).

Ahh...sorry. On the up side though..if this goes well I'll post the audio recording (I'll talk so people ideally won't have to have the text) and set more of these up.

This is great @sykochica! You are very helpful her with the community. I hope I can make it in time for the end. I need to go hit the gym soon as I have been on the computer all day.

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sykochica at your service always :D

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next time i am joining in for sure but thanks for helping us out new people

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