Keychain Progress Update 1

As promised in the Steem Keychain proposal, we will post monthly updates to show our progress.

In November, we only had the SPS running for a few days but still got some good work done. Note that some of these features are still pending review and therefore are not live yet.

Finished tasks


3 new functions can be used by dApps to handle proposals via Keychain : requestCreateProposal(), requestRemoveProposal() and requestUpdateProposalVote().
This allows to handle proposal operations in a more graceful manner compared to generic broadcasts.


Each request has now an additional optional rpc parameter that allows to force the use of a specific rpc node. For safety reason, the node has to be whitelisted by Keychain.
Example : requestBroadcast: function(account, operations, key, callback, rpc)

Refactored the background

As the extension is gaining in complexity, the background code had become quite messy and it was time for a good refactoring session. The code is now more readable and navigating between the different background operations is way easier.

Contextual menu

@quochuy (witness) did some pretty awesome work implementing a contextual menu for Keychain. Read more about it here. His work has been reviewed and merged.

Better error handling (work in progress)

I have started improving the error handling to give more specific error messages using Keychain.

Improved transfer information

When a transfer is requested by a dApp, transfer popup now shows the current and future balance in the currency requested. This works with STEEM and SBD transfers, SP power downs, and Steem Engine tokens transfers.

Next steps

In December, we will continue going down the list of features detailed in the SPS proposal, with a particular focus to the following :

  • Give support to Keychain integration to Communities
  • Keep working on error handling
  • Allow a default RPC node to be set and updated remotely by the development team

Feature requests

We are listening to the community. Do not hesitate to drop feature requests on our Github repository or contact me on Discord (@stoodkev#8281)

Thank you!

On behalf of our team, a big thank you to the community for helping us fund Steem Keychain through SPS.

@yabapmatt : Founder - Witness
@aggroed : Founder - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@stoodkev : Lead Developer - Witness

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Hi there @yabapmatt, im sorry to try and reach you here ! I am experiencing problems de-delegating my SP in your steemtracker delegation manager app ! Is it still up and running, could you let me know please ! when i try to dedelegate i get this message ! Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command
heroku logs --tail, id be so relieved if you could let me know if there is a problem other than what i am doing here ! thanks !

Thank you for the update on the progress of Steem Keychain.

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How can I change the account that pops up by default when opening steemconnect?

Awesome I love keychain I can only imagine how handy it will become in future with sites suing SMTs and SE tokens and games built on steem! The building blocks are slowly coming together

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This is the best thing ever to help onboard new users.
This eliminated a big hurdle with our player base creating accounts.

Can’t thank you guys enough

Looking forward to the changes... our users at will specially be thankful for more specific error messages!!

I've already mentioned this, but don't see it in the updates. Keychain on mac takes me to my home screen every time I have to confirm an action. I then have to go back to my browser manually.

Which browser?
I m not on Mac but I've asked @quochuy and he uses Mac OS Catalina with Chrome and never got this problem. Also, have you tried disabling your other extensions to make sure it s not caused by one of them?

I am using chrome as well, sometimes Brave. Both have the problem. When I commented about the issue the first time, I saw someone say that he had the same issue on Mac with Firefox. My OS is Mojave though, maybe that's the problem?

I have not tried disabling other extensions yet. good luck to you and @quochuy!