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The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

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As usual: I will keep writing this same message to your posts just to make people aware of your spam and abuse. This is NOT an official account of the Steem team, don't get fooled!

I find this to be a huge spam. People can not even chose to see your comment or not, you are not upvoting the posts or not bringing anything good to the posts besides advertising your account in order to gain profits. Good luck with that!

You can shut down this bot now, because it is not helpful for you anymore...

Thanks for posting this comment. I am an utter noob here and my first post got a comment from this account. I was confozzled as to why an official Steem account had negative clout.

As an independent I have evaluated the posts and comments

… created by you and @steem-network.

@mejustandrew, you are writing false assertions and concomitantly you are fooling newbies! I'll explain the facts:

  • @steem-network is an official account created and approved by Steemit, Inc., that is confirmed by the blockchain.
  • Steem Network is a community which works on the same blockchain as steemit.com, busy.org, …
  • Steem Network doesn't claim on any of their posts/comments to work for or being affiliated with Steemit, Inc.
  • The Mute Button allows a user to stop seeing the posts/comments of a particular user! Source
  • The blockchain confirmes that @steem-network is curating authors constantly through upvotes since 2017-12-22. (Note, all users are limited by their voting power and bandwidth.)
  • In terms of the many positive replies @steem-network has received and the rising payouts to the authors using above instruction, it is a win-win for all participants.

Shame on you @mejustandrew, you yourself could have researched better.

Shame on me? It is clear that this account was made to fool newbies. It is spamming, asking for upvotes and resteem and posting the same article on and on.

Are you affiliated to them?

Good work! :-) Yes, he seems to be related to that account, and is being awarded with big fat flag.

I also flagged the original post and muted their account. Can't stand people who misrepresent who they are.
Went to their profile, it turns out they joined only in December and are not following anyone, yet they have made well over 11000 posts.
Seems super dodgy.

Thank you so much! I was starting to wonder if I am crazy or not, but his arguments were not making sense. Especially that one with @steem-network is curating since December. When I checked, they had the voting power of over 98% so that does not look like somebody who is curating content.

Again, I appreciate a lot your help!

Abandi, by calling yourself steem-network you are demonstrably attempting to represent yourself as affiliated with Steemit.
Your assertion that you do not claim to be affiliated with Steemit is contradicted by all your efforts to make yourself look affiliated with Steemit. xD
If you do not want this confusion in the future you know all you have to do it put a disclaimer on your page.

Hi from France, Nice Post =) i want use your concept