Hah and when you do cash out,m you dont get cash but Bitcoin, have fun with those :D you are better off just selling SBD and STEEM directly for fiat on localbitcoin and sending them to someones Bittrex or poloniex, so they can then buy altcoins, because people nowadays just buy Bitcoin so they can buy some altcoins with them !

We need Bitpay to allow STEEM wallets and STEEM top ups how sick would THAT be!? if we all just got American Express SERVcards and ordered them online we could start sending fiat between each otehr, loading fiat onto our cards, sending it to other serv cards of steemit members in exchange for steem/SBD, and then you could even make a post showing that transaction to ALSO make money off the trade! I talked with @captainobviou3 about this and I believe we will both gget serv cards when we can find the store that sells them (i think CVS i must check) so we can then make transactions between each otehr an dget a whole american express serv card thing going!


Who the heck would ever cash out of STEEM?

That's exactly what i tought hahahaha

why would you ever want to get the steem power out??

Ah missed that one hehe rally rally sell Wait What ^^ ha-ha

just powered up

hahah that's why steem on

for steemit accounts or?

LOl every week the payment

Great post😀😀 @adept

what if its 2 month ???

stack until 2020

only steemmit real

what a creativity!! lol

great!!! @adept😀😀😅😅😅😅