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Hope this going to be a nice event... Wanna make it..

Uh dudes? Venezuela is fucked because we (America) fucked them. Venezuela is trying to challenge the petrodollar and we don't like that. It's going to be very interesting to see where this Petro coin goes. It is a direct challenge to American oil dominance. That's why Russia gave them an award.

Petro is just a debt bond disguised as crypto, to avoid the US/EU sanctions on potential US/European investors.

They claim to back their currency with their oil reserves, so they ask for money to exploit them, as PDVSA, marred with corruption, it's practically out of business because of it, and the Russians/Chinese need their money/debt paid. So, they need money from somewhere else. Goldman Sachs fell for that last year with those PDVSA bonds, and now they lost 30% of the value, and paying every 4 months, with Venezuela in default. Also, they're imprisoning high level executives from partner oil companies that reject to sign direct supply contracts - prone to corruption - accusing them as traitors.

Would you trust a government that is using everyone's money in their own discretion to buy their crypto?

It's not just a geopolitical issue (that i could agree on) but man, PETRO IS JUST A FUCKING SCAM COIN.


More often, we’re told of Maduro’s “economic incompetence,” government “mismanagement of funds,” and “rampant corruption.”


Btw, have I talked about socialism?

I invite you to do some research about Venezuela overall foreign debt. You will change your mind.


: o

The economic problem of Venezuela is that we are one of the 5 petro-states that exist in the world - none is democratic by the way - which implies that the dependence on oil is immense, with a historical overvalued exchange rate is very difficult generate incentives for production to be profitable ... Terry Lyn Karl speaks in her book "paradox of plenty"

On the other hand, the theory of "economic war" is meaningless because between 1999 and 2014, Venezuela received US $ 960,589 million. An average of US $ 56,500 million per year for 17 years, and for a population of 32 million inhabitants the GDP per capita would be 17656.25 without working, which explains the large increase in public spending. On the other hand, the expropriation of companies in addition to an increasingly hostile environment for production avoided the capacity of producers who did not depend on the government's gifts ...

When a government does not encourage production and break the institutions, the result will be this, here and everywhere ... but for your knowledge this is not the first time something like this happens ... in 1973 the prices of the oil rose so that the government of the day - Carlos Andres Perez - expanded public spending and when they fell in 76 the economy suffered, leading to what is known as "black Friday" which is very different from yours ...

I recommend that if you want a discussion, look for someone who knows, because this disaster is largely the fault of the corrupt and miserable government that we have, I do not accept that someone who does not know and does not live here speaks so lightly of these issues. The same I leave my article for you to read some interesting facts. regards

Ah another thing ... "EL petro" is not a cryptocurrency because these are fiduciary instruments, as opposed to an e - commodity, so their non - acceptance in the markets are obvious

One reason Maduro is so despised by the opposition is that he refuses to follow the neoliberal economic prescription of austerity, privatization, deregulation, etc. Such refusal makes Venezuela almost unique in Latin America now.

More often, we’re told of Maduro’s “economic incompetence,” government “mismanagement of funds,” and “rampant corruption.”

Okay, you are clearly misinforming people. I do live in Venezuela and to be honest you are just uninformed about the situation here. What actually gives Venezuelans the chance to live is capitalism, the creation of a parallel market has been a blessing to the people, if there were any people would starve due to the shortage, just as North-Korea. So please instead of just basing your argument on one side of the coin, check the other one.

The United States has made a lot bad to the world but our situation has nothing to do with the US, we created a platform called "socialism of the 21st century" that produce famine, starvation, misery, institutional corruption, and bureaucracy, and had promoted anti-values.

So please, Instead of spreading lies hold on a second, we can all have opinions about which system is the best one. However, don't try to misinform people. Because my country was ruined by the people that elected this government, not because of foreign intervention.

I think he's saying the problem is actually America interfering rather than VZ being bad.

And I'm actually saying that America is not the problem. The problem is the platform we created.

The "fact" that you are from Venezuela doesn't give you any increased clout in this argument. I looked for the facts and this is what I found. I wasn't biased about it. You haven't given one good piece of evidence to make me believe you. You're just spouting anti-socialist rhetoric with the rest of the mainstream media.

I'm just giving you the truth, I have no need to use sources because there are plenty of sources that talk about the failure of the system here in Venezuela, the "fact" that you represent a case of cognitive dissonance, does not make you the right person to talk about the situation.

You are biased as the same way I'm, we both can use information on our own support. What I'm trying to say is that instead of looking at one side of the coin, read more about it. You are misinformed.

You should use critical thinking and read both parts of the coin. A centralized cryptocurrency cannot destabilize the US or the Petrodollar, it makes no sense, is just the same thing as creating a currency based on gold or something, it does not have any impact in the world bc there are already plenty of them. Currencies are all about trust, not value.

I'm going with edicted on this. I'm not sure that the VZ crypto will do it for a variety of reasons, but asset backed currency is the bane of the central bank system. Central banks use fiat dollars. Completely valueless things backed by violence of the state and infinitely printable. An asset backed currency is certainly a better value to holders because it should theoretically be harder to print into oblivion. Thus people would choose to hold non fiat dollars and that's a threat to the central banks.

I do agree with you, US has done very bad creating wars and all that stuff. I do have a video criticizing that fact, here is the link:

But don't even try to associate the situation with the intervention, because we are the cause of our onw failure.

Sorry mate, the only one who isn't giving any good piece of evidence is you, you are the one spouting anti-capitalist rhetoric found on some media... Dont trust on what you read on any media, be either mainstream or independent media, trust on what people say, the people who lives in Venezuela have a better idea of what going on, all media are biased to one or another side...

the problem of venezuela is the perverse and inhuman socialism captained x Maduro this regime takes over the work of others and gives mijgajas to his followers, I am Venezuelan and live in the flesh with three children this misfortune that we fell, this man violates the constitution all the time wants to perpetuate itself in power does not allow clean elections, sends people as if they were a god, expropriates productive enterprise on behalf of the people and they give them to their followers and they do not work but could spend hours listing this disaster but for me health I leave it here

my regards @edic, very interesting your contribution regarding the petro, I would like to see in the future and be successful; however, there are many "gaps" and lack of concrete policies, let's wait for a while to see what will be of that virtual currency in Venezuelan lands.

Agree the Petrodollar issue doesn't help at all. The state oil company (PDVSA) is in financial trouble too. You know it's bad when the Chinese and Russian's don't even want to take over major oil refineries like Paraguaná. There are $9 billion in bond payments coming up this year - it will be interesting to see if Venezuela defaults and what the consequences will be.

The Petro coin seems nothing more than a way for Venezuela to continue selling national debt to international investors.

Hopefully we can help our Venezuelan people there by letting their known that Steemit is existing on the web. We can share some of our upvotes just to feed their children an adequate amount of food on a daily basis. Feel pity to those people who are victim of biased Socialism and unjust governance.

I guess the only way is to use what's existing media now. Facebook and other social media maybe.

I'm hyped for this forum... I'm a Venezuelan minnow with huge ideas regarding Venezuela-Steemit link.
I'm all in!

Thank you for your support @hiroya, this platform is a great opportunity for many of us, although in my particular case it may not generate much income because as every principle is difficult, apart from the fact that the key is constancy and perseverance.

our country presents a very high risk in all areas and all this generates uncertainty, which may be due to political interventionism, violence, possible interruption depending on the food supply chain, lack of concrete leadership in our society, lack of state policies that allow legal security in investments, coupled with social and economic insecurity.

They depend so much in oil, they forgot the importance of diversification, i think the citizen already realized that depending too much in the government will only make the elites get richer. Steemit is one of the best way to get rid of their abusive government and make money from their hard-work.

steemit is my favorite coin

I'm from Venezuela and Steem changed my life. It is now my highest income source :-D

I'll try to show up to listen and maybe share my opinion and perspective.

That’s awesome. Good to hear !

Yo qui tratando que cambie la mia tambien.

This is super! I can vouch for how steemit has been a valuable help to all Venezuelans, who unfortunately went through the worst economic situation in history despite being a country super rich in hydrocarbons, minerals and land! It has been a time of food and medicine shortages, hyperinflation, hunger and much more, steemit has been a respite for many of us, I don't miss this.

exact @melvadg, a great tool for all the world, especially for Venezuelans and the current hyperinflation that makes us every day poorer in comparison with other countries, being a country with great wealth.
a few days ago I was watching a video of africa, how they are worried about the current situation that venezuela is living, and I was impregnating what I was listening to because they are living a very difficult situation. as I expressed in a previous comment, one thing is to see the news and another very different to live it in the flesh.

Yo creo q no tienes ni idea de que o quién produjo semejante situación aquí en mi país. Lee mucho más para que tengas argumentos válidos para las locuras q dices.

Count me in!

We are from Venezuela, and definitely Steemit is helping a lot of people... Thank you for this post :D

hello dear @aggroed, I thank you for making this special forum dedicated to my country venezuela, I think it is important all the impact generated by steemit and cryptocurrencies in the economy of Venezuelans, low incomes and high living costs has led to much of the population to put aside their real educational interests among other issues, seeking to subsist to get incomemainly to feed primarily, as @amanardis said at the time the food is much more expensive than the monthly income of much of the population, It is important to note that I want all these people who have time in steemit to take a bit of our income to support the most needy, a great example of personal success thanks to this network is @michelcamacaro.
many people with great qualities have had to leave behind their interests and skills as they are, musicians, writers, photographers, among others for the situation of the country and steemit has space for us, I think that work to eat, and not even have enough income for it, it is something really degrading for the people of my country.
We already talked about this in the forum but I could not stop mentioning that steemit and the support of communities like @provenezuela @cervantes @reveur, @proapoyo, @ausbitbank @blocktrades pal, and you @aggroed among others have changed the lives of many Venezuelans.
The difference of Venezuelans and other people around the world with respect to steemit is that what for many is a hobby for us is the best way to survive.

hola querido agroed , te agradezco por realizar este foro especial dedicado a mi pais venezuela, pienso que es importante todo el impacto que genera steemit y las criptomonedas en la economia de los venezolanos, los bajos ingresos y altos costos de vida a llevado a gran parte de la poblacion a dejar a un lado sus reales intereses educativos entre otros temas, buscando subsistir para conseguir ingresosprincipalmente para alimentarse primordialmente, como lo dijo @amanardis en su momento los alimentos son mucho mas costosos que el ingreso mensual de gran parte de la poblacion, es importante acotar que yo quiero que todas estas personas que tenemos tiempo en steemit tomemos un poco de nuestros ingresos en apoyar a los mas necesitados, un gran ejemplo de superacion personal gracias a esta red es @michelcamacaro.
muchas personas con grandes cualidades han tenido que dejar atras sus interes y habilidades como lo son, musicos, escritores, fotografos, entro otros por la situacion del pais y steemit tiene espacio para nosotros, me parece que trabajar para comer, y ni si quiera tener los ingresos suficientes para ello, es algo realmente denigrante para las personas de mi pais.
ya hablamos sobre esto en el foro pero no podia dejar de acotar, que steemit y el apoyo de comunidades como @provenezuela @cervantes @reveur, @proapoyo, @ausbitbank @blocktrades pal, entre otros han cambiando la vida de muchos venezolanos.
La diferencia de los venezolanos y otras personas al rededor del mundo con respecto a steemit es que lo que para muchos es un hobby para nosotros es la mejor forma de poder subsistir.

@carlagonz "La diferencia de los venezolanos y otras personas al rededor del mundo con respecto a steemit es que lo que para muchos es un hobby para nosotros es la mejor forma de poder subsistir"
Si bien es cierto Steemit ha sido una plataforma que no solo permite percibir ingresos sino que, a través de muchas publicaciones los Venezolanos hemos sido motivados a seguir adelante, a mejorar como persona, a desarrollar nuestras habilidades y a emprender un negocio propio acorde a nuestra pasión y habilidad. Particularmente pienso que esta plataforma ha sido una herramienta en todos los sentidos.
Claro, no puedo irme sin antes agradecer a todas esas personas que nos brindan una mano amiga


Así es bonita y a medida que crezcas aquí todo se ira arreglando con mas facilidad.

Awesome! I'm positive tomorrow's talk will be very interesting. See you all there! 😊 What's a hobby for many is turning out to be the main source of income for most Venezuelans on steemit. Crazy or logical? We'll see!

PS. @aggroed there's a typo in my username 😅


I think Steemit and similar movements are beneficial not only to Venezuela, but also to any underdeveloped country. However, I strongly disagree @edicted, it wasn't the American government that disrupted Venezuelan economy. The proposed social reforms and a mass of corruption amongst the higher heights of power led to the sudden disappearance of 25 thousand millions of dollars, picture that. Now, the hyperinflation the country suffers is accentuated by bad choices and by the sanctions external powers put on the country rulers. This may be the reason why people say that the crisis is caused by America. Sadly, only people that haven't lived under a socialist regime are able to cry that everything is the misleading efforts of mainstream media. The Petro goes nowhere mainly because the coin isn't decentralized and the government can issue as many coins as it wants without following proper procedures. If you're wondering why Russia gave a prize to Venezuela it is because they are allies, and Russia gets free oil from Venezuela due to some old debts, as does China. So, please, I strongly suggest that people stop this kind of thinking.

A wonderful event has been arranged for Venezuela to be very attractive to me. If I were a Venezuelan resident, I would have been coming and participating in this event.

Welcome and thanks for the help. And be careful , telling marco rubio thanks too and be quick for help us.

WOW! I'm from Venezuela and I'm new to Steemit, but this platform really has been helpful ... I hope I can grow a lot here, sharing interesting content for you so that you can help me with your votes!

Thanks for thinking about Venezuela, it's nice to know that we are not forgotten

Saludos. Soy de Venezuela aquí estamos pasando la tormenta. por todos lados estamos recibiendo batacazos. pero muchos como yo resistiremos y se que mi país resolverá esta situación y saldremos victoriosos.

The situation in Venezuela has led us to look for other ways to earn money and one of these forms is the cryptocurrency, steemit is a viable option to alleviate the serious crisis that exists in our country.

I will let @metalmag25 know

Hola @aggroed, que placer saber que hay personas que se preocupan por Venezuela. Adelante con esa labor, Aquí te compartiré un poema dedicado a los emigrantes Venezolanos.

¿Que tiene esto que ver? jajajaja

Most Americans have no idea what poverty looks like. Ive been asked for money by an overweight homeless person... only in America. I still normally give, but it still made me think. I’m glad Steemit is helping people of several nations, including Venezuela.

One bright ray of hope for many Venezuelans has been Steem. Some folks have been able to earn a few sbd on a post and sometimes dozens. In a country that pays engineers $16 a month this is an extraordinary gift to the common people.

Thanks for focusing on Venezuela, the situation is really critical and Steemit has become a lifeline for many of us...

Thanks for been helping my country you are awesome hola! yo también soy de Venezuela y como dijiste no la estamos pasando bien, yo estudio en una universidad publica donde estamos en emergencia, necesitamos su ayuda para poder salvar nuestro transporte estudiantil, si deseas ayudarnos no dudes en entrar en el link que puse en el inicio, gracias de ante mano.

Gracias por esta iniciativa! No me ha ido bien por aquí pero apenas estoy iniciando! Cada aporte es ganancia! Los Venezolanos necesitamos conocer más de soluciones para motivarnos y no estancarnos en los problemas si no en las soluciones! Bravo por el Foro! los Steem son de gran ayuda y conozco de cerca las sonrisas que saca ayudando a cada hermano de mi País! Bendiciones !!!

Excelente Profe. vamos acompañarlos y a cantar el "alma llanera"...No se mueva mucho en Venezuela se baila pegaooo... Saludos

steemit will become a money maker on the future,particularly on third world

Cool I'll be there. Glad to see you doing well also.

I was born in Caracas - Venezuela, it is sad to see how the government of Nicolas Maduro has destroy the lifestyle of all the people in my beautiful country. Maduro is totally disgusting, Chavez gave Venezuela to Cuba and now Cuba is controlling Maduro's steps.

Currently being Venezuelan is not easy, I say it as a resident of this country.
In addition to enduring socialism, we must endure going to other countries of our closest relatives.
We must fight hard and without surrendering every day to be able to eat decently. Many of us are dedigado to these means of employment where they pay for doing daily things and so solve with the money of the week that is generated in these pages of mining or virtual currencies, that by changing it helps us to have a better income than the minimum monthly salary of the country.

Que excelente idea! Aunque me gustaría participar no manejo muy bien el idioma inglés. No obstante, me unirá ya que me gusta el objetivo y ayudar a las personas. Orgullo venezolano!!

After reading this, I needed to have a second thought about the possible impact of blockchain technology on a nation's economy again

In a country that pays engineers $16 a month this is an extraordinary gift to the common people.

Indeed, steemit is an extraordinary gift and a miracle

Excellent, this type of forum about Venezuela should be more frequent and it is good that the friends of The Peace, Abundance, and Liberty put their eyes on the current situation of our country, in Steemit there is a guild of Venezuelan creatives that we bring a lot of quality to the platform of Steemit, hopefully when the SMT begins we can create our own token, although I think that this will be implemented by category and not by country we have to go a little deeper into it.

But this issue of Venezuela is definitely of vital importance for all of America and I propose that this is not the only meeting, but the first of many forums on the country.

Great initiative and very timely.

Steemit es una excelente alternativa para nosotros! saludos!---- Steemit is an excellent alternative for us

im from venezuela, i have 20 years old and steemit is a very good entrace of money, it is now my "job"because here the pay is awfull, the people are dying, eating from the street, its difficult to see.

Interesante la propuesta.

Por otra parte, es sumamente curioso que casi todos los que han comentado aquí referiéndose a la situación de Venezuela lo han hecho en inglés. Sospecho que la gran mayoría de los que han escrito aquí son venezolanos, país cuyo idioma oficial es el español.

Steemit can change lot of people lives all around the world

Wow. I just finishing posting this post and then searched Venezuela because wanted to find some people from there to vote for, and your post came up! Glad to find other like minded people trying to help them out. We are nothing if we do not have compassion.

I am Venezuelan and the truth is that although we are going through a difficult situation, we are willing to publish and interact with the users of this platform for those who wish to offer help, because we deserve the support and not because we like to be given things.

It's great to read your post. All your posts are very beautiful. Read your posts
we can learn a lot. We can even know a lot.

    Hope you will post more beautiful.
     Thank you very much for your so beautiful posting.

I think this forum will be great and I hope more good steemians will participate in it.

Count me in!

wow even you also donate your steem doller to the poor people.nice thats great.i saw your image.thank you very much for donating to the poor people

@aggroed Where are you going to make that forum?

nice to see you!!

This is excellent, I love this platform, I am new and I already won my first sbd, steemit is hope for the Venezuelans, thanks steemit!

Can I ask are the proceeds from this post heading to Venezuela?

Im from venezuela, i own bussines here. i want to help employess to get better income that i can pay them via steemet. ill like to join to this forum but i cant at this hour

I really appreciate this effort. Its a very sad situation in Venezuela. I used to hear news about this in TV and newspaper etc. But after joining steemit, I heard it from real people.

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