That Time of Year for FrankenSTEEM

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Let's get our STEEM Halloween ON!

Hello Steemer's!

While working on some other projects I thought I would throw together this quick After Effects STEEM Halloween gif animation that you'll see below.

The idea of a "FrankenSTEEM" mascot came to me last month, for which I was going to use him for a post I'm still working on but... this is a perfect time of year to introduce him :)

Hope you enjoy!


Seriously @fydel
your going to flag this post! lol

What the flip is there to flag here? @fydel speak up!

Freaking Awesome!!

Thank you!

This is exactly what we are thinking!! For Steem Meme Halloween

I also replied to your Steem Meme Halloween and posted the gif there also.
Thanks @steem-meme

Fixed - counter Downvote

You're wonderful~